Best 5 Monsoon trek in Himalayas

Best 5 Monsoon trek in Himalayas

Get set to get wet with breathtaking Himalayas

Days pass on, life moves on, and so does the seasons change. But the amazing Himalayas are still there, showing its variant characteristics every season. If you come to the same location even at the same season every year, I am sure there will be surprises. Monsoon season is the perfect time to be in the luscious, vibrant, snow-capped mountains. Despite that, it is considered a bit messy due to wet terrain. To prove this wrong you should definitely go back to Himalayas this showery weather. Walk on these suggested paths and experience for yourself how candour these mountains are!

  1. Valley of flowers
Best monsoon trek in Uttarakhand Himalaya

The name of the trek says it all!

A walk to remember in the valley that has plenty of stupendous flowers. It is an easy trek that offers much more than one takes the efforts to get there. Just before the valley lies a holy, serene lake, Hemkund Sahib. It is a renowned religious place, hence from adventurers to devotees all land up there to experience the tranquility. Glaciers from, Hathi Parbat, Saptrishi peaks feed the lake. Blue Poppy, Brahma Kamal are some of the flowers that are in abundance. People usually reserve 2-3 days to explore and explore and explore! But the thirst to meet the flowers is never quenched.

Best monsoon himalayan trek in uttarakhand


  1. Kashmir Great lakes Trek


The name says it all, again! As one can guess from the name, it is a 6-7 days actual trek, revealing a new lake every day. Moreover, these lakes lie in the incredible Kashmir, the heavenly place on Earth. This trek will provide to the trekkers a perfect flavour of all hues of terrain, innumerable meadows, snow clad glaciers and pinnacles, passes, rocky barren lands, struggling streams. In addition to that you can always opt for the mule ride if you only wish to neglect the physical work and endorse into the stunning views. You must keep a good stalk of battery to keep the camera rolling!

  1. Hampta Pass

Himachal Pradesh is the most popular Himalayan state and why should it not be? It shows the true affluence of the ‘Him Parvat’. And Hampta Pass lies in such a centre of snow-capped hilly region. It is kind of another valley filled with vibrant flowers.

The right time to be here is from June to October, when the flora-fauna there replenishes itself. The other reason why Hampta pass is famous trekking zone is snow; the pass has good amount of snow even after May. You will witness the valleys of Lahual and Spiti and also the mountain ranges of PirPanjal, and amazing views of Indrasan peak. Apart from this, a day is added in the itinerary, only to witness the awesome Chandrataal lake. If you are lucky enough you can get the clear reflection of the colourful flags waving to the direction of cool breeze with the white peaks in the background.

  1. Tarsar Marsar Trek

Well, the mighty Kashmir has something more. Not as popular as KGL, this trek is a blessing in disguise to trekkers who like solitude. Lying in the lap of magnificent Kashmir, this trek will offer the peaceful trail, vast meadows and awe-inspiring views every day. You will be walking through the alpine trees, between the small thatched roof huts of Kashmiri families and camping besides the glacial lakes. Tarsar and Marsar the two lakes, enhances beauty of the trek. It is the exquisite suspense to the story of your TarsarMarsar trek journey.

  1. Bhrigu Lake

This is quite a lovable treks amongst trekkers thanks to its easy grade and less number of trekking days. It lies in the upper Kullu Valley based in the eastern side of the famous Rohtang pass in Himachal Pradesh. This is ideal weekend trip for both beginners as well as experienced hikers. The breathtaking views of Seven Sister Peaks, Deo Tibba and Hanuman Tibba, the outstretched PirPanjal ranges, the rich line of oak and cedar forests, gushing streams, in just 4 days you get it all. You can also enjoy sight of Himalayan Monal, Snow Cocks and pheasants.



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