Reasons why Rupin Pass Trek should be your next trekking spot

As ecstatic and beautiful as the Rupin Pass Trek is, one must do this trek at least once. With an elevation of 4650 meters, the starting point of this trek

Suspension of Chadar trek (2021)- updated

One of the most awaited treks of the whole year is the Chadar trek, a walk through the frozen river of Zanskar. We got an overwhelming amount of trekkers for

Why Everyone Loves Winter Kedarkantha Trekking in India

As the year comes to an end, we all look out for various travel and trekking options. Months of November and December are the peak seasons for winter trekking in

Trekking Tales of the Himalayas

Witness the adrenaline rush of the thrilling stories from the snow-white glaciers to heartwarming ones from the verdant green meadows. Experience both sides of the rustic mountains up north with

Challenging or dangerous ? – The Pin Parvati Pass

For a trekker, an abundance of adrenaline in your veins is one of the significant factors to get on that exciting journey. That and discipline, the balance of these two,

Trekking In India and The Himalayas

India is certainly one of the best destinations for trekking enthusiasts. The dense Himalayan ranges offer almost endless trekking options for adventure lovers. Valley of flowers, Stok Kangri, Roopkund, Har

Feature on TTH Social Media Platforms

It’s time to relive the most cherished moments of your trek. Share your reels with us to get featured on our page. Send us your reels at [email protected] Eligibility: Your

Last Departures for Mountain Peak climbing | 2021

Do not be in the fear of missing out on the most happening expeditions of this season exclusively available with Trek The Himalayas. Register now for Friendship Peak Expedition (17,345

Countdown of the top autumn treks, Kashmir season commences and much more

To make you a well-planned trekker, we are here to help you with Top 20 Autumn Treks that fill their space in advance by trek junkies. After a careful weighing

The Snow Mountain Story …

“We always talk about the views from top of mountains but I’d rather talk about the journey to the top” Brahmatal trek For you, It’s just another first timer guy

Kuari Pass Trek

HIMALAYA – The Kuari Pass Summit @ 13000ftHimalaya – is it only a mountain range ? or it’s a world in itself ! A brief of my 8 days beautiful

Why choose Trek The Himalayas (TTH) for the best trekking experience?

A hike in a lifetime can change your life. The Himalayas have the power to grow your soul. Your entire existence falls into perceptive once you touch the mountains. But

Metro to Mountains- Kedarkantha

Every beautiful journey comes into mind for a reason and it happened to us when we heard Kedarkantha calling us. With this, our journey started from the metro towards the

Why the new shorter version of Rupin Pass is not worth it?

Rupin pass is India’s one of the most popular Trans-Himalayan treks. Starting from Uttarakhand and ending in Himachal, it is our opportunity to experience the thrill of hiking in varied

Top summer Himalayan treks never to miss

Rupin Pass Trek Goechala Trek Har ki Doon Trek Gaumukh Tapovan Trek Kedar-Tal-Trek Pangarchulla Peak Trek Kashmir Great Leaks Trek Markha Valley Trek Pindari Glacier Trek Bali Pass Trek Chopta

COVID & Other Updates

UPDATE AUGUST 12, 2021 Covid Restrictions Extended in WB The west Bengal extended the lock down-like Covid-19 restrictions in the state till August 30. Accoring to the Mamta Banerjee-led governments

My Experience with Kedarkantha and TTH (Dec13 – Dec18, 2020)

Finally, the day has come when I felt the real coldness in Sankri village. Altitude – 6400 feet. The trek leader asked us “it is warm here right?”. He was

Snowy slopes of the Himalayas – Winter trek updates (Photostory)

Everybody is curious about how do the Himalayas look in the cold season. This poem by Ogden Nash might run the winter wonderland through your imagination, Winter is the king

Why Pangarchulla Peak trek is not suggested for Monsoon & Winters?

Pangarchulla Peak has become a dream summit for many of us. The extreme cold of winters and the added challenges of knee-deep snow is what we strive for. Pangarchulla is

Attention trekkers – We have opened treks from October

After our first batch of Valley of flowers in August, there has been a lot of enthusiasm. Despite all the reservations, COVID19 travelling and hiking we are getting a flood

Share your love for mountains and win prizes

The Corona has hit us hard. All our adventure dreams and an opportunity to celebrate nature out in the open has turned to remain inside four walls of the house.

Trekking when? How? After COVID19

We are back with some Good News finally! Firstly, we are excited to share with you all that after 81 days of strict lockdown we have opened our office in

How to trek from home in the time of COVID-19

One can’t really believe how the events turned out in the past few days. The entire world has literally stopped over one crisis. We as human beings are elite machines designed

Why Ruinsara Tal is not a part of our Har Ki Dun Itinerary anymore?

This article is not about any suggestions on treks or news updates, but putting light on some rumors about Har Ki Doon trek. To start with Har Ki Doon has

Coronavirus and Trekking in the Himalayas

As you know, talking about safe trekking in the Himalayas in the critical Coronavirus COVID-19 condition is extremely important. Our mail today will be dedicated to resolving all your queries about

Summer treks never to miss: Treks that signify every aspect of life

The Himalayas, the youngest mountain range formed on the Earth. Similar to the love showered to the youngest kid, this mountain range also is the most admired mountain range. With

Six years old conquering Dayara Bugyal trek

“We as parents limit our kids by asking questions whether they can do it or not. In fact we must put them in the situation and see how they react.

Welcoming 2020 with a bang: Introducing new challenges for the new decade

The year 2019 was filled with a lot of surprises that made us laugh, wonder and even brought tears to our eyes. We truly cherish each and every memory of the

To rent or not to rent

Before venturing into the mountains one must be prepared for a safe and comfortable hike. All of that is possible only when the good gear is used. Small errors or

Making a career as a Trek Leader

How many of you dream about being full-time in the mountains? I am sure we just received a 100% attendance! Who does not like to be in the peaceful mountains

Getting fit in less than month for trek

Just like the mountains, our life is unpredictable too. Sometimes we plan and it never turns out well. Sometimes we don’t plan and it becomes the momentous times of life.

Why is our Chadar trek cheaper, despite the price being higher?

Chadar trek is the star trek. It is the most popular trek. Walking on the frozen is on everybody’s bucket list. The demand for Chadar trek is tremendous. Probably, that is

How to stay warm in cold Winter treks

Winter joyride is coming closer. Our preparations have already begun. The enthusiasm to dig in snow vanquishes the thought of how to stay warm in the cold. It is only

Insight into better eyesight while trekking (Lens or Specs or LASIK)

Gone are those days when Spectacles symbolized experience. Now, spectacles have become a style statement. But, when it comes to trekking, spectacles may not be that tempting. Blurring vision is

Walking in Snow

We all love the white-glittering snow. The curiosity of that shining snow crystal drives us, that we forget the burning. Though the snowfields look like the perfect icing on the

Trek Hacks: How to choose your trekking shoes

The first thing before planning for a trek must always be Trekking Shoes. We all know buying trekking shoes is tedious task these days. With a variety of brands booming

Trek Hacks: Using trekking pole

Do you know, using a trekking pole correctly can save your knees and energy? It will make you efficient and let you enjoy the trek. Yet, many trekkers use it

Do’s and Don’t’s for Winter treks

Winter in the Himalayas brings diamond ice covering on the beautiful mountains. Hiking on these mountains is living in the present while creating your footprints, that mark your presence in

Trek Hacks: Tightening backpack

Once the backpack is packed before we starting walking there are some points to be considered. These help for efficient and energy-saving hiking. One of the major things to remember

Trek Hacks: Lifting backpack

We always tend to solve bigger problems, ignoring the smaller ones. And always bigger issues are caused by small mistakes. However correct the backpack is packed or however strong you

Trek hacks: Using tents efficiently

After a long day, we can’t wait to get inside that tent. We throw the trekking pole and try to get inside along with the backpack. There are many such

Trek hacks: Using a sleeping bag

Whoever sees a sleeping bag for the first time, always wonder what kind of bed is it! We have our own doubts. Having said that, sleeping in the sleeping bag

Everything you need to know about our first summit of Kang Yatse II

On 26th August at 7.30 am our first-ever team of 2 trekkers and 4 TTH members stepped on the Kang Yatse II summit at 6250 meters. It was an overwhelming

Wonders of the Chadar trek

Chadar (Frozen River) Trek is by far the most intriguing adventure. Who could have imagined that the human would evolve so much that someday we would literally walk on water?

Thank you for making us the Best Adventure Provider

On 9th September, 2019 Trek The Himalayas was awarded as the Best Adventure Provider by PHD HT Samman (Uttarakhand Tourisim). We are honoured, we have won, you have won! To

Post monsoon trekking season: The best, a trekker can get

Are you enjoying the rains? Who does not? We love the wet season for it’s fresh green everywhere. However, some of us love to keep it dry while trekking. If

Misconceptions of Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Visual memory is the long-lasting memory they say. These memories also have a great effect on our mind. That is why movies are the biggest source of entertainment and inspiration.

Myths about AMS

Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is a curse to hiking in high altitudes. I like to say it as the celebrity of trekking in the Himalayas. Well, everybody is talking about

Here is how a 6-year-old trekked with us

Kids are a surprise package and with their every gesture they keep us stunned. We were also amazed by Shanaya Saxena, a 6-year-old, who completed Kareri Lake trek with us

Postpone everything and go for the ultimate, Stok Kangri

Gradually, Stok Kangri is becoming the most famous peak in India. With the right kind of marketing, all have eyes on this peak. Well, it should be at the top.

We will continue cleaning…until the mountains are garbage free

“We will never let the tourism affect our mountains. We will work hard,” says Dinesh Ground Manager of TTH. He is also President of Sewaro Youth Club, who has taken

Can you choose between the two lake treks of the Kashmir Valley?

Not only do we trekkers but every traveller around the world agrees that Kashmir is the heaven on Earth. And who knows it might be prettier than Heaven! Green is

Are you ready for the Kang Yatse challenge?

Yes, that is our question to all the hardcore trekkers. Are you strong enough to complete the Kang Yatse II Peak Expedition? If you think Stok Kangri is the last

When there are risks, good management always work

Last few weeks had been really hard for mountain lovers, be it Everest mishaps or Buran and Rupin pass accidents. The weather played an important role proving that we cannot

How we achieved more than 90% summit rate on Stok Kangri

No doubt Stok Kangri is the Everest of India. Of course, due to its fame as the highest trekkable peak and commercial marketing, it is by far the most popular

Leh One Day Cycling

NEY TO BASGO (Down Hill) The downhill cycling section from Ney to Basgo is very beautiful and the trail goes through the tiny villages of Sham valley in Ladakh region. Ney

Is Trek Insurance really required?

We, humans, need some assurance before stepping into something big. Assurance that things will turn out good. Insurance, on the other hand, is being prepared for the failure of that

What do these trekking terms mean?

Every field has its own so-called technical or standard terms. These terms make it easy to communicate overcoming the barriers of language. Trekking has become a whole new field of

Get fitter while saving the mountains

The Mother Earth has already been diagnosed with Global Warming, a disease that is slowly killing everyone on Earth. If we are responsible for the creation of this hazard we

These villages will definitely give you a complex about your homeplace

The first impression is the last impression they say. Well, this is not true for Himalayan treks. Yet, some of the base villages on the trek are so enticing that

Yes, we bleed and we trek!

In this age all the women are becoming more aware. Not only that the men are also raising their hands to support women. How can we keep our ladies derived

Reach to bigger mountains with these small weekend treks

Himalayan trek is the most alluring adventure. It takes one closer to the mountains, teaches amazing life lessons, gives some of the most memorable memories. The main factor that keeps

Trekking with the mountain ladies: Bachendri Pal and Premlata Agarwal

While I was still thinking of a theme for Women’s Day article, I got a call from Rakesh (TTH Co-founder). Excitedly he said, “Nutan, we have good news. Bachendri Pal

Make incomplete Stok Kangri trek complete with Markha Valley trek

Being on the most sought trekking peak and not able to stand on its top is disheartening. But that is part of the game. Reaching top is optional, coming down

Because the family always comes first!

We always thrive to make our parents proud. Even the greatest achievement does not make us happy if it is not appreciated by our family. Our daily routine, career choices,

An Unplanned trek is not always the best

Travelling is an escapade. It is a healthy break from daily life. It helps to get involved and live a different life for a while. Therefore, we only strive for

Rebirth of a Forgotten Trek – Pindari Glacier trek

With great excitement we opened our new trails for 2019, today we shall introduce one of them, our beloved trek, Pindari Glacier trek. One of the forgotten heroes, it is

The age of Roopkund trek is over. So what?

Everything on Earth has its own share of success and significance that never remains forever. Roopkund trek too had its own era of popularity. It was once every adventure seekers

Trekking in India

Tips for Lightweight backpacking

Going on a trek is a lifetime experience. It gives you everything, more than you can ask for. Despite being super fit, clear weather conditions you might feel a dearth

This summer choose Mountains over Beaches: Buran Ghati trek

The Uttarayan has already tightened shoelaces and is on its way to hit us. The cozy warm sunrays and longer days come with the most cheerful season. As pleasant we

Welcome 2019 with Adventures never experienced before

An inception of resolutions, big dreams and the urge to try something unique…new year marks a new beginning. In this beginning, we are determined to go hand in hand with

I am a Trekker and not a Tourist

Hello folks! My name is Nutan, I am a trekker and not a tourist. What a wonderful way to greet ownself, I just love it. No, I am not a

This summer choose mountains over beaches: Pindari Glacier trek

Won’t it be a stunning change to contemplate at flowing ice instead of flowing waves? Far away from humidity, commotion, concrete jungle get into the wilderness of cool, fresh air,

7 common mistakes that you’re ignoring as a cyclist

For all the adventure seekers out there who love to ride a cycle, we know how it gets your adrenaline pumping as soon as you get on that saddle. Riding

Be a celebrity in the mountains

‘Acclimatization’ word has become quite celebrated word amongst the trekking community. Well, it should be! As it the one who decides if the trekker is fit or not. We keep

Rent and make Himalayan Trekking Easy

Trekking has always been an expensive adventure sport in India which may sometimes burn a hole in one’s pocket with the amount of investment that it demands. We surely understand

‘How to live’ authored by MOUNTAINS

“Life lessons learned the hard way are the real lessons. Lessons that come easy are not lessons at all, they are gracious art of luck.” Adventure travel is the best

Markha Valley Trek

Leh needs no introduction, it has earned fame in quite less time. Leh is known as the hub of adventure bikers, however, it is welcoming to trekkers too. Leh exhibits

A perfect guide to your snow peak adventures

The fascination of getting to the summit of a snow-covered peak is cherished by all trekkers and mountaineers. Climbing a peak has both its pros and cons but mainly the

Things to make a note of before visiting the winter wonderland: Chadar Trek

The desire to see the unseen, to explore the unexplored, the will to know your limits to push, has upsurged visitors to the Chadar trek. It is the most popular

Walking Hacks In The Mountain

Amazing mountain peaks, vivacious alpine flora, infinitely spread meadows and adrenaline adventures. Being in high altitudes is an unbelievable escapade. However, good things never come easy. Lot more than money and

Are you really prepared for a winter trek?

Winter treks are gaining popularity thanks to the mesmerizing dreamy white land experiences it boastfully showcases. We are pretty much aware that the winter season makes trekking a challenging activity.

World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day is a day to celebrate the spirit of traveling. Something which we all love because trekkers are travelers. They are the adventure seekers who want to touch each

Swachh Bharat and Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

July 28 – August 4, 2018 To some of us who have only seen or enjoyed Kashmir scenes through the eyes of Shammi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagoor in Kashmir ki

Why an incomplete trek is counted as a complete one

Yippee!!!! You registered for a wonderful trek and now the excitement keeps building. You have researched a bit, seen marvelous spectacles of the mighty mountains. You have definitely thought which pictures

The reason why most people want to quit their jobs and travel to the mountains

Doesn’t it sound bizarre when you hear that your colleague quits a job just to roam in the mountains? It is crazy, how can one leave a luxurious, quintessential city

What makes Dayara Bugyal the ideal winter wonderland

Witnessing a snowfall in the mountains is on every trekker’s checklist. A trek that looks marvellous both in the winter season, as well as the summer season, is an added

Things you should make a note of before choosing a trekking company

How important is it to choose a good trekking agency? What are the points that you should consider before booking with a particular trekking company? One of the most common

Green Trail – Trek The Himalayas

A lot of our questions would be answered if the garbage around us was treated in the right manner. One of the main reasons that our ecosystem is taking the

Monsoon Scenes from a Year Ago On Har Ki Dun

“..And the earth itself. It smells differently in different places. But loveliest fragrance is known only when it receives a shower of rain. And then the scent of wet earth

Chadar Trek with Trek The Himalayas

On the last day of Rupin Pass Trek we had decided that our next would be Chadar Trek and from June 2017 we started planning. With many trek companies in the

Best Monsoon Treks in Himalayas

Get set to get wet with breathtaking Himalayas Days pass, life moves on, and so the seasons change. But the Himalayas keep standing tall through all eternity, the colors of

Behind the scenes of organising a successful trek

“Sunglasses? check!” “Backpack? check!” “Flight tickets? check!” … When you are busy checking every item on your checklist for a trek, the TTH team is braced to make your trek

This Summer Explore The Hidden Treasures Under The Snow-Cover

A new season is arriving which will give you the opportunity to experience the hidden treasures and adventures underneath the beautiful snow cover. Summer brings all-natural livelihood back to the

Gangotri Gomukh Tapovan Trek – Hidden adventures at the most religious place on Earth

Here we add another trek to your bucket list. But let me warn you this trek will blow your mind with its authenticity and sacredness. Of course, it does bring

A trek to the unseen part of Himalayas (Bagini Glacier)

Bagini Trek or the Chang Bang Base Camp Trek is not so popular, hence less explored trek. It is one of those rare treks which offers an entire package of all

5 Reasons True-blue Himalayan Wanderers Shouldn’t Miss the Mountains in Winter

If you are a true-blue thrill seeker and lover of the Himalayas, starting wee end of the year and continuing up to next March might be a highly opportune period

The Green Cause: Trekking to Spread Eco-Awareness in the Himalayas

“Our society must move from ego-system to eco-system economics. This requires that we shift from ego-system silos to eco-system awareness that considers others and includes the whole.” Indeed. We feel

The Tent Question: Our Thoughts on Two-in-a-tent vs Three-in-a-tent

At our post-Diwali team meet, the topic of discussion was— possible changes in our trek method for better economy of resources. That’s when one of our trek leaders suggested three

What’s Hot in Winter Kuari Pass Trek Starting this November

For Himalayan thrillophiliacs it is hard to resist the magnetic pull of Kuari Pass under winter’s icy spell. Every year, come November, we open our first trek of the season

PackWise: Some Scrumptious Eatables to Make Your Trek Extra Delicious

There are umpteen number of things that make a trek special. Good company, great laughs, loves, smiling weather, but nothing quite as good as good food to have your happy

Roopkund Trek

What is your best moment in the trek? Why do you come to mountains? What did you take from the mountains and what did you leave in the mountains? These

How Trek the Himalayas Reclaimed the Mountains with Green Trails Cleaning This June

We step into Himalayan kingdom wonderstruck every time how boundlessly nature has gifted these terrains with beauty and resources. Mile after mile of never ending virgin greens, clean air full

“Winter” Kuari Pass: When the TTH Recce Team Found the Quintessential Himalayan Snow Trek

Kuari Pass today is recognized as a spectacular snow trek but only six years ago it wasn’t such a sought-after winter adventure. The trail, chockablock with powdery slush snow in

PackWise: 3 Essentials you Cannot Miss When Packing for a Monsoon Trek

Monsoon in the Himalayas holds a special charm for trekkers. Clouds hang low to touch and the patter of falling rain adds rhythm to walk. The valleys turn a glistening

Update Your Calendar with Our Top Weekend Treks

Tired of finding yourself among urban vacationers at posh and populated tourist spots every other weekend? Plan the next one off the common map for a different taste of holidaying.

Our Roopkund Itinerary: Fail-Safe and Frustration-Free

Our bags are packed for the post-monsoon season for Roopkund Trek, but the two differing itineraries for the Lake have got interested trekkers in a fix! Which one is fail-safe and

PackWise: 4 Things to Trek with When You are on Your Periods

When you have “that time of the month” looming around the corner, trekking plans go off beam. But it needn’t be that way. Your periods need not dampen your resolution

2017: A year of adventure

It would be great if people decided to make their years a little more adventurous. So, here we are, suggesting the best of adventures that you can plan for the

6 must-follow mountain biking techniques for every rider

Bestride your bike. Take a deep breath. And pedal-on for Himalayan mountain biking. It certainly is great fun and thrill. But, it is important to know the basics of mountain

What makes Stok Kangri tough – Ladakh Trekking

Stok Kangri Trek is more than just a trek. It is an adventure where you will be challenged physically, emotionally and psychologically. The summit day will give you jitters for

Stok Kangri Trek 2016, is stunning summit which thrills along the way

I stared gleefully at the Karakoram range in Pakistan. I shielded my eyes from the intense morning sun. At an altitude of 20,100 feet, the 8 AM sun looked brighter

3 Prime reasons why I chose to do Pin Parvati Trek from Kullu

When I decided to embark on the challenging trek to Pin Parvati Pass, there were two options available to me – starting from Kullu and starting from Spiti. After talking

6 things to make your Himalayan monsoon trek a lot more enjoyable

Himalayas are awesome. And during monsoons, they get even better. So, while you make a list of things to pack and carry, keep these 6 things in mind. It will

How to prepare for a high altitude trek in the Himalayas?

Treks in the Himalayas vary from easy to difficult to strenuous and beyond. One needs to understand the difficulty level and be ready to ensure that you enjoy every moment

Top Winter Treks in India | winter Treks In Indian Himalayas

Trekking in itself is a challenging journey on foot to scale the altitude of mighty mountains.Add to it the ambience offered by winters, and the challenge increases multifold. Winter Trek

Valley of Flowers: A must do for a flower lover

If you are a person who is a true nature fanatic, especially an admirer of flowers and if you’re constantly in search of something adventurous, then Valley of  Flowers Trek

A young adventurer’s paradise

Valley of flowers trek is an amazing trek located in a spectacular valley marked by tall mountains of Himalayas. In the Western Himalayas in Uttarakhand, the valley is placed just

Revealing the mystery at Roopkund

Trekking in Uttrakhand is popular not only in India but also all over world for the variety of treks it has to offer, from easy to difficult ones, gentle to

Goechala: The best of Sikkim packed in one trek

Trekking in Sikkim gives you a quite distinctive experience from the other treks of India. Goechala is one such trek that will give you an experience of complete Sikkim by

Why I choose Hampta Pass as my first trek?

Located in the Manali region, with a gentle climb, the moderate trail to Hampta Pass offers different shades of beauty. Trekking in Himachal is always adventurous, challenging, fun and is

Capturing the peaks at Pin Parvati Pass trek

Trekking in Manali is breath taking and gives abundant opportunities for a trekking enthusaist. Pin Parvati Pass trek offers a beautiful trail that soothes your eyes. Strolling in the foothills

Learn all that they don’t teach you at top management schools at bagini glacier trek: Himalayan treks, trekking in himalays

Bagini Glacier: A Quick Summary: Located in Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, an amazing place to choose from Trekking in Himalayas. At an altitude of 14816 ft. it will let you

Why is Valley of Flowers trek a perfect family holiday

Trek to Valley of Flowers is a vibrant trek. A burst of myriad hues greets you at every step on the trail. It is also a world heritage site declared

Why is Roopkund trek recommended for Corporate Personnel?

Roopkund trek is perfect for you to dive into adventure while you soak in the beautiful sights around. The whole trail offers beautiful views that soothe your eyes. The sceneries

8 Reasons why your teenage kid will love Har ki Doon

Having a difficult time convincing your teenage kid to try trekking? Worry not, here’re a few points why your overenthusiastic son/daughter will love being in the hills. 1- Har ki

Why is Har Ki Doon Trek the perfect choice for a first-timer?

Situated at an altitude of 11667 ft, Har Ki Doon is one of the easiest treks of the Garhwal region. The altitude, as compared to other peaks, is not very

Why is world tour incomplete without a Himalaya trek ?

Himalayan treks are a must while you plan for your world tour. It gives you an opportunity to explore the highest mountain ranges of the world, from where you can

Majesty Mountain – Nanda Devi East Base Camp

I had never thought of going on any trek and write down my own experiences in diary. But I want to share my experiences with my friends and known relatives.

Walking on Frozen River, Chadar Trek

The region that I am going to talk about and is known to the globe as Zanskar is located towards the south-east of Leh and is enclosed by the Himalayan,

Snow leopard Valley- Markha Valley trek

Life is all about experiencing new ideas and adding grace and charm. For this you need to explore new things from time to time. The real panorama of beauty is

Charismatic Kashmir- Kashmir Great Lake Trekking

Kashmir is a place which does not need to be obliged by any kind of an introductory treatise. So let us jump directly to the main point. The Kashmir Great

Mount Shitidhar: Winter Expedition 2013

Picture: View of Solang Valley from camp Bakkarthatch  This year, Trek The Himalayas decided to start the New Year by attempting a challenging task, that is, to climb Mount Shitidhar

Roopkund Trek “Caught In The Weather Web”

A beautiful passage through oak trees, sprawling lush green meadows, a turquoise pool surrounded by a circle of silvery snow, a majestic backdrop of snow-clad Himalayan peaks, the pictures of

Idyllic Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

It was that time of the year, when the mountains call and my heart starts throbbing, anxious to meet an old lover. After a delayed flight, I arrived in Srinagar

Why Trekking With Professional Company

Since the first successful ascent of Mount Everest, 60 years ago the Himalayas have become far more accessible to Trekkers and Climbers. Hindu scriptures say that in a hundred ages

Stok Kangri Expedition

‘Everytime i go to the high mountains, I discover something new not about them, but about me.’ (Anatoli Boukreev) We had met just about a year ago, when our passion for

Etiquettes in the Himalayas

Since long I have been listening to some misbehavioral stories of trekkers. This really disheartens me and everybody else. I have therefore thought of formulating a rulebook of trekking in

10 tips that make Chadar Trek Easier

Chadar Trek in the Zanskar valley is a very unique trek. The thrilling walk on the frozen river at subzero temperatures poses quite a few challenges for the trekkers. The

Glacier trek to Bagini in Garhwal Himalaya Joshimath

As a mechanical engineer by profession, my life circles around every kind of machinery. In the day and at night, I could only hear the crushing sounds of machines, so

A Moderate Trek to Har ki Doon

Its a year end; I was planning to move out on some vacation. So I piled up time from my hectic schedule and put up my camera to glam up

Rhododendrons Trek- Goecha La Trekking

Everyone must have heard and studied in early days about the beauty and Trekking in Himalayas.  I had a strong desire which I thought that it will be fulfilled ever.

05 days trek to Chandrtaal lake and Hampta pass

Hey guys! Looking for all-in-one package for trek? Why are you so confused? Of course I can help you. How about a trek to Hampta Pass? What say? Still in

Never-to-take things on a Chadar Trek

How does a trekker start packing for the Chadar Trek? Make a list of ‘Things-to-take’ and begin by ticking it off in full fervor. But in the race of filling-in the

A Beautiful Climb – Stok Kangri Expedition

Stok Kangri is popular as the highest trekking summit in India, and that is the only reason I was fascinated towards it. As a frequent trekker, I have almost visited

The 70MM Story of 7 Lakes- Kashmir Great Trek

I had never thought in my entire life that I would ever pen down any of my experiences as I am the laziest person alive on this planet. But the

Hidden Valley Bagini Glacier Trek

At this sort of time every year I find my thoughts turning to the mountains for no particular reason. And today I wanted to share about a particular favourite of

Place of Lamas- Stok Kangri Climb

It was the altitude of Stok Kangri that attracts me the most. When at first I heard about the expedition at the height of 20180 ft, the first word that

Trek to Goechala in Sikkim Himalayas

Life is very short and full of venture but we need to memorize the lovely glance of every second in our life. I had never thought of visiting on any