In the Soul of Himalayas

     In the soul of Himalayas, met my Soul mate, Bagini Galcier Trek The summer of 2013, a journey I would never forget in seven lifetimes. Yes, it sounds clichéd

The last 16 hours at Stok Kangri

I am Rahul Prabhudesai from Goa and I have been a trekker and climber associated with Trek The Himalayas for over 6 years now. After doing a number of Himalayan

Six Things about Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir Great lakes Trek offers an experience that goes beyond imagination. It’s a moderate trek in the Kashmir Himalayas.  As the name suggests, the trail of the trek takes you

Desert Land, amazing Landscape, Stok Kangri Trek

Getting bored by the monotonous routine of the plains, I decided to take a break and say goodbye to the even terrain for few days. I had many friends who

The simplest way to choose your next Himalayan trek

Planning a Himalayan trek soon? Here’s a ready reckoner to help you choose the trek best suited for your fitness, experience and age. Just go through the list and decide

Romancing in the Himalayas. Kashmir Great Lake Trek

It wasn’t a surprise to my parents when we  me and my GF and soon to-be-wife – skipped the usual destinations and chose a trek for honeymoon.  After a bit

Valley of Boulders and Peaks- Sunderdhunga Glacier Trek

Today in day to day life everyone is very busy, we are not having time for any enjoyment or relaxation. So I thought of giving me some time for experiencing

Snow Winter Kauri Pass

 Kauri Pass is one of the few trekking destinations of Himalayan region that is available for trekking in winter season when the paths get wrapped with heavy snow fall. I

07 days in Uttarakhand Himalayas, Roopkund Trek

We all dream of enjoying the striking and adventurous places in spare time with family friends and relatives. So I thought for enjoying the trekking where I can feel the

Himalayan Village trek to Pindari glacier trek

Happiness is not something just expedient; it comes from your own experiences and glorifying moments. I got very stuck in my busy schedule and want to get some spare time

Zanskar Frozen River Trek

You must have seen a blanket. You must have seen ice. You must have seen ice floating on water. Ok, all right. Have you seen an ice layer covering the

Frozen River trek in Ladakh, Chadar Trekking

Life is all about exploring new ideas and experiences in day to day life .But there is no time for enjoying and experiencing new adventure. So while sitting in front

Forest, Meadows, Snow and Lake- Roopkud Trek

Here I am sharing my beautiful trekking experience of Roopkund which is located in Garwhal Himalaya, Uttrakhand. Needless to say Roopkund is one such place where one should definitely visit.

Trek to Mystery Lake- Roopkund Trek

I am too delighted and excited to share the experience of my trek to Roopkund in North India. After reading the Roopkund Trek details in Trek The Himalayas website, I

Winter Trekking to Kuari Pass

Life is about experiencing the great adventure and sustain with full enthusiasm. For this we need a change in our schedule and try something new. I have a dream in

A journey Kullu valley to Spitti, Hampta trek

Trekking is my passion and every year to rejuvenate myself; I spend few days with nature in the desolated places of high altitudes. This time I went for Hampta Pass

Trekking in Sikkim- Goechala Trek

Life is full of adventure but we need to give some time to us for getting relaxed and enjoying the greatest treasure of life. I had never imagined that I

A completer trek to Hampta Pass

  Trekking should be packed in with fun, adventure and scope for lots of memorable moment for future. That has always been my attitude while opting for a place to

Bagini Glacier and Changbang Base Camp Trek

Boy! Wanna hike to adventure to taste your own taste? Well its time that I must suggest you something and put an end to this unquenchable thirst of yours. Trek

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir- a name that sends sheer chill waves through the nerves in any living soul only by a mere mention of its name, is an integral part of India and

Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS)

Some Fact about High Altitude sickness Generally Trekkers comes for high altitude Himalayan treks and they are not aware about altitude sickness. Trek the Himalayas has collected some information and

Say No to Alcohol While Trekking

One of the best things to keep your body warm while trekking is brandy or rum. The above phrase might look apt but a real fact is that its a

Fitness for the Himalayan Trek

Fitness for the Himalayan Trek Why we need proper physical fitness for the Himalayan Trek If you’ve never climbed in high altitudes (above 8,000 feet), you will soon be introduced

How to Pack Bags for Backpacking

You are ready for trekking an adventurous journey so called backpacking, you are ready for hiking in Himalayas, high altitude treks, you want to enjoy natural beauty, you are giving

How to Opt Best Trekking Shoe

What I write is what I mean, Best Trekking Shoe means only the trekking shoe not the regular ones and hunter shoe. Trekking is one of the expensive sports as

Dzukou Valley Trek (Kohima, Nagaland)

Dzukou Valley is a valley located at the border of the Indian states of Nagaland and Manipur. Its a spectacular visual treat of emerald green hills, lush forests, serpentine streams and