The Snow Mountain Story …

“We always talk about the views from top of mountains but I’d rather talk about the journey to the top” Brahmatal trek For you, It’s just another first timer guy

One Place At A Time!

My Sunrise experience at Mt. Sandakphu Many of you may know me as a guy who has never been a writer/blogger, and yet here you are, reading my first ever

Kuari Pass Trek

HIMALAYA – The Kuari Pass Summit @ 13000ftHimalaya – is it only a mountain range ? or it’s a world in itself ! A brief of my 8 days beautiful

Metro to Mountains- Kedarkantha

Every beautiful journey comes into mind for a reason and it happened to us when we heard Kedarkantha calling us. With this, our journey started from the metro towards the

Kedarkantha: A dream trek

I always wanted to go on a Himalayan trek since my college days. However, the plan never materialized due to my ever-busy group of friends. The idea of going solo

Brahmatal, The Himalayan Trek

Always remember: Nothing is certain during a pandemic. Plans change, strangers become family, memories run through the veins and the experience becomes the motivation for another trek. Adrenaline rush and

My Experience with Kedarkantha and TTH (Dec13 – Dec18, 2020)

Finally, the day has come when I felt the real coldness in Sankri village. Altitude – 6400 feet. The trek leader asked us “it is warm here right?”. He was

Pangarchulla Peak Trek – One of Uttrakhand’s Best Treks

All I wanted was to escape to any secluded place, but summers and this sweaty hot weather left me with very few options, and I don’t know how I thought

“Life is better in Hiking Boots!!!”

My first trek in my life was in 2009 in Western Ghats – Mulliangiri – the highest peak in Karnataka, accompanied with my friends – Rajeswari, Sudhir, Vijay, Vibhav &

Kedarkantha Trek: I summited the mountain- Literally and metaphorically!

It’s absolutely crazy what a summit trek can do to you. 2019 had some of my best and worst moments together, and it was very emotionally draining to cope with

A Tale of Har Ki Doon Trek

Hello friends, if you have read my previous trek story then you must aware about all my “Jugads” to do that trek. Well, if you have not read that then


Roopkund-The name itself somewhere fascinated me and had been pinching me from within to go there and accomplish it. So this was my first high altitude trek in the mighty

Kedarkantha Peak Trek

And here’s my story!  One fine Saturday morning in November, me and my husband were enjoying our cup of tea and the topic of discussion came, where shall we celebrate

The Storm Unsettled

Brahmatal Trek The bus trip Reaching lohargunj- base camp They say ‘the higher you climb, the deeper you look within’. People climb mountains to conquer themselves, to fight their fears,

Spectacular Sandakphu

Darjeeling – Dhotrey – Tumbling – Kalipokhri – Sandakphu – Gurdum – Rimbik – Darjeeling. Sandakphu Phalut “Sleeping Buddha” Trek Journy DAY 1:- Reaching Darjeeling DAY 2:- Acclimatization Walk and Orientation DAY 3:- Darjeeling to Dhotrey(7900 ft)


Some journeys don’t require a road, just a willing heart. That is how this journey began. A statutory warning,–“All those who plan to stay away from addiction, read the article

Dayara Bugyal Trek

A memorable trek With TREK THE HIMALAYAS (TTH) 22-Dec-2019 to 27-Dec-2019 We were all excited for the trek when we landed at New Delhi airport on 21st dec Saturday night. Temperature

Chopta Chandrashila trek: An adventure to cherish, and reminisce in times to come

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them

The Buran Ghati Trails

“Going up is optional, coming down is mandatory” – Joselyn, TTH Leader Day (-1): Back to basics Location: Bangalore, en route Delhi The closer you get to the start of

Climb. Breathe. Pause. Repeat.

“Perhaps it was the clarity of mountain air I breathed that now exposed an overwhelming truth to me. What I had been told I wanted, I did not want. What

Rupin Pass – Second time lucky 

Why Rupin Pass, which is at an altitude of 15,250 feet above sea level?  The answer to this is nothing as profound as “Because it is there”! I did not

The Hills Are Alive!

They had been beckoning to me for a very long time. Every time I saw a photograph or a painting of the snow-covered mountains of the Himalayas, I felt a

A glimpse of heaven – Valley of Flowers Trek

The mountains have a charm that it’s foolish to not let them do their magic on you. They say – trekkers are crazy people who climb so high to see

Trekking In The Heavenly Abode Of Lord “Shiva”

“Amarnath Holy Cave” It was way back in the year 1997, when I first heard about “Amarnath Yatra” from my maternal uncle, who already visited the shrine long ago then.

TAPOVAN… A Paradise where GODS reside

1000kms of drive, 50 kms of trek, 3 people and 5 days… Is all it took to reach the base of Mount Shivling, Tapovan. The trek has its own set

Buran Ghati… um, what’s that?

Buran Ghati… um, what’s that? This was the exact response which I got from my boss when I asked him for a week’s leave to go for this not-so-popular-yet trek

Stok – We will be back

Like other trekkers even we had the dream of climbing Stok kangri and this year we planned to do it. We enrolled ourselves for this highest trekable peak in India

4th May to 14th May 2019 – Goechala Trek – Group of 18 person

Cyclone Fani had devastated our trek plan. Many flights got cancelled. Trains were also cancelled and rerouted. 4 of us lost their luggages but as Mountain was calling us so

Our first Himalayan trek: Surmounting Har Ki Doon

Holding the hands of my husband and standing in front of fresh summer snow filled Panoramic Mountains around me, I thought to myself, “this is all worth it! Taking the

How I Met Koushik and Vardhan

Cheesy warning: This story will melt your heart! To make this relatable and interesting let me start by a small introduction, I am a 20 something girl, a mechanical engineer

Kashmir Great Lakes – A journey through Heaven!!!

We had KGL on our mind for some time after seeing few pictures of the godly lakes on Internet! It was just the matter of when the plan would materialize.

If you hate travelling…a trek is worth it!

When the vacation time comes, everybody talks about vacations, big travel plans, family outing, friends getaway trips. However, there are some who really want to sit back home and just

Sandakphu highest peak in West Bengal

After doing several hikes in Sahyadri range in Maharashtra, I decided to start hiking the Himalayan Mountains. After searching for few treks in Himalayan range, I made a decision to

Kaleidoscopic Kedarkantha

Some experiences can be life changing. This was one of them for me at many levels. December 2018 was fast approaching and I couldn’t wait for my holidays to begin.I

How it feels to celebrate your birthday at Chadar

Chadar Trek – Day 3 – 7th Feb  – Tibb Cave to YogmaDho and back to Tibb Cave Again the night sleep was not that good. I just flipped right

My First Himalyan sojourn…a dream come true!

I am so thrilled to write about my first ever experience in the Himalayas. It has been one of my dreams to trek the Himalayas since last 2 years. And

How to measure Chadar trek (and perhaps some bit of life)?

Title inspired by Prajwal Kodi’s parody on the Clayton Christensen’s book I was reading (How will you measure your life?) On our last day getting back from base camp, we

Kedarkantha “Best Winter trek” organized by Trek The Himalayas (TTH)

Before you read anything about Kedarkantha Trek, first read this: “This is a must do trek for every trekker/nature lover/adventure lover person”. It was year end festive season of 2018

My First Trek Chopta-Chandrashila with TTH

The mountain speaks its own language and we’ve got to give in to its methods to learn about life & find our true strengths. The silence of a mountain is a

Bramhatal Trek

We seldom forget our destination, but sometimes the journey is so beautiful, that we wish the path never leads to the destination. Because the end point marks the end of

My ‘Meri trek story’ is actually my ‘Life story’

My ‘Meri trek story’ is actually my ‘Life story’. A story that redefined me, that is extremely close to my heart and really special. Mountains change your life, they say.

Lady Leopard of the Himalayas: Stok Kangri

Expedition: Stok Kangri                  Location: Kashmir, India                  Height: 6153m/20,080ft. Trekkers: 15 People       

Rupin Pass : A trek to remember

Rupin pass is an amazing trek having forest trail, bugyal, rocky trail, snow trail and climb. This is my first trek with TTH and the experience was awesome. Trek was


If you would like to experience monsoon at its best, Hampta pass trek in Himalayas is the best place to be at. Stream crossings, beautiful forest trails, challenging and thrilling


The start of Pre winter always invokes a suppressed desire of stunning views of snow capped Himalayas, trekking in snow up to  knees, chilling winds, crystal clear  sky and lots

Roopkund – where the mystery unfolds!!

Roopkund has been on my mind since long… even before the days when i had started trekking in Sahyadries… I was just back from a long road trip (45 +

Swachh Bharat and Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

July 28 – August 4, 2018 To some of us who have only seen or enjoyed Kashmir scenes through the eyes of Shammi Kapoor and Sharmila Tagoor in Kashmir ki

A Journey to the Incredible Twin Lakes – Aug 12 2018

A Summary Yet again to Kashmir but this time a solo trekking trip to the famous twin lakes Tarsar and Marsar. It is the best alternative to Kashmir Great Lakes

Valley of Flowers

What : Himalayan Trek Where : Valley of Flowers Uttrakhand When : 13-18 Aug 2018 How : with the help of Trek the Himalayas Height : 14100ft max Being a

HAR KI DUN TREK 13may – 19may 2018

“The best view comes after the hardest climb.” Always being an adventure seeking person, trekking the Himalayas has been a part of my bucket list since 3 years. I was

My First Himalayan Trek — Hampta Pass Trek

Everytime i travel, i meet myself a little more #ontrip Best time for the trek : June to October Trek Altitude : Approx 14000 ft Trek Grade : Moderate Duration

Treasures of the Orient: Goechala

In the northeastern corner of India lies the beautiful mountain state – Sikkim. At the border of Sikkim and Nepal lies a familiar ice wall, touching the skies at 28,000

Reminiscence of Pangarchulla trek

When you are done with your concrete surroundings, blowing of horns, and exhausted to your deeps as well, what else could be a better option than opting for a trek

In search of the Mystery Lake- Rookund

“We never climb the same mountain twice!” After my last trek to the Kuari Pass in Uttrakhand, I decided to take on Roopkund this year. The lake has many mysteries

Roopkund: Stairway to heaven

Having always wanted to do a Himalayan trek but never quite gathering the resolve, this time I was determined to end the jinx. If I can cycle for 120 odd

Pangarchulla Peak

Trek Day 4 – Pangarchulla Peak It was 4th day of the trek and we ( the whole group) had to climb the summit. We left the campsite at 4

Pangarchulla Peak Trek

First of all I would like to thank my school friends because of whom I choose my first trek -Pangarchulla Trek. Till last few days I was not sure of

Chadar Trek with Trek The Himalayas

On the last day of Rupin Pass Trek we had decided that our next would be Chadar Trek and from June 2017 we started planning. With many trek companies in the

Winter Kuari Pass Trek – Trekking in Uttarakhand

The winters were almost over and it would have been disappointing if it was without a winter trek! Motivated by few seminars of The Himalayan Club which I had attended,


What a great start to 2018! A snow trek at 12,500 ft to The Terrific Kedarkantha that left me awestruck. Have you ever dreamt of stealing away to The Himalayas

Kedarkantha Trek experience with Trek The Himalayas (TTH)

So here goes my KEDARKANTHA Trek❤ experience with Trek The Himalayas (TTH) team… 26 Dec 2017 The experience of my first Himalayan Trek, i.e. Kedarkantha Trek started with the experience

WINTER KUARI PASS (WKP) TREK 16th December- 21st December 2017

Once a trekker, trekker for a lifetime Those who have trekked earlier especially in the Himalayas can easily understand the title for the blog. In addition, even others may appreciate

Travelogue with TTH to Kedarkantha

Day 1:  It was between 05:45 and 07:00 hrs on a cold November morning that twelve of us gathered together in the parking area of the Dehradun railway station. We

The Dzukuo Misadventure

“The core of man’s spirit comes from new experiences” : Christopher McCandless, Into the Wild. And so we believe. We are four friends. Nitesh, Vivek, Aritra and me, Raunaq. The

Reminiscence of Roopkund Trek

 The Roopkund Lake The longer you have to wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when it finally arrives. This certainly holds true for the Roopkund Trek. If

Why to go somewhere else, when our India is so beautiful… RUPIN PASS PHOTO BLOG

Life Time experience… 8 days… rivers, forests, villages, waterfalls, mountains, greenery, snow falls, snow trek, lake, 15,250 ft summit, snow slides, temperature up to 5-10 degree. What else to ask

Confessions of a Stok summitieer!!!

There I was cribbing about the hot and humid March afternoon we were trying to slave through (although, I must admit, I would take on Mumbai humidity any day to

“Last Crucial Hour Before The Summit: Mt. StokKangri”

Stok Kangri Expedition 2017 03- 13 July 2017 About Mt. Stok kangri Stok Kangri (6,153 metres (20,187 ft)) is the highest mountain in the Stok Range of the Himalayas in the Ladakh region of

Kashmir through my eyes

Hello, I am here to describe my experience of my third Himalayan Trek and also third trek with Trek The Himalayas – TTH. This year I and my friend finally

Moments To Remember From Rupin Pass Trek

What is a trek? If you see the dictionary it will tell you that trek is to go on a long and often difficult journey. If asked I might have

Our First Himalayan Trek: RUPIN PASS

Trekking in Himalayas had been on my bucket list for quite some time. Dream came to reality when my better half agreed to be part of the expedition this summer.

My first ever Himalayan trek- Pangarchulla Peak Trek

A short attempt to write about my first experience with the mighty himalayan mountains. As every hardcore trekker dreamt to scale himalayan terrain, so was I awake with a dream

Knowing Pangarchulla from a Distance: Visions from Another Trail

The Lord Curzon stretch around Kuari Pass was still reeling from the unlikely vigorous snow of mid-March when we reached Gulling Top near the end of last month. At this

Pin Parvati Pass and Chandra Tal trek

As the Pangarchulla trek in May ended up making me crave more for a more intensive trek, I started looking for a more intensive and longer trek than the one just


Scaling the heights of Shrikhand Mahadev – one of the most challenging religious Himalayan treks in India. The whole experience is like an access to stairway to heaven. It is

Kuari Conquered: A Lyrical Chronicle!

Far away, over the misty mountains cold, We embarked on our journey enroute winding roads. Up the hills, down the valleys, confluence of babbling brook passing by, Excitement set in,

Hampta Pass Trek – Himalayas Trek

“Somewhere between the start of the trail and the end is the mystery why we choose to walk.”   And got the chance to seek the answer again but not

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

The Ardor for mountains pulled me to the pinnacle of the Himalayas, to explore beauty and serenity, which had always been a dream. Hence I peregrinated to the great lakes,

My dream trek to Stok Kangri

My background I am a 39-year-old IT Professional with BMI around 22. I did only one easy trek (Har Ki Dun) before choosing Stok kangri. This looked foolish even to


Traveling to unknown places excites most of us, and moreover, gives us a sense of independence. I don’t want to write something about myself since that could be misinterpreted as being selfish, which


A wise man once said “You can kill a man but you cannot kill an idea”. Some 5 years back I and a close friend of mine were planning a


Trek: Winter Kuari Pass (Lord Curzon Trail) Date: 28/12/16 to 2/1/17 MIND OF MINE They weren’t kidding when they said “Trekking is an addiction”. This was my second Himalayan trek

The Prayag-Confluence of Mind, Body and Soul!

“The wind whispers the message of the mountains; to be understood only by the chasers of clouds and dreamers of stars”. After my recent visit to the Queen of Hills-Darjeeling,

चंद्रशिला से गुफ्तगू

चले थे मिलने अनजान लोगों से, सोचा था कुछ वक्त के लिऐ खुद को भुला देंगे, सोचा था एक नयी दुनिया बसा लेंगे, सोचा था नयी सोच से मिलेंगे।  

Roopkund Lake Trek

Date – 20th Oct 16 to 27th Oct 16 Trekking in the Himalaya’s is my longtime dream. I had done many treks in Western Ghats especially in Maharashtra. I do

Like a Mountain on My Back: Roopkund Trek

After an year-long of waiting and planning, it seemed to be happening at last, the Roopkund Trek. Needless to say, Roopkund is nothing less than a roller coaster ride. The

My calling for Kuari Pass in Winter

Where– Kuari Pass, Uttrakhand When– 19-24th March, 2016 Who- Rishabh Goel, a fourth year law student pursuing BALLB(H) degree from O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat. Why I chose to go

“MY FIRST TREK OF LIFE- HKD- Meri Kahaani, meri jubaani”

“MY FIRST TREK OF LIFE- HKD- Meri Kahaani, meri jubaani” In today’s busy and hectic life, we rarely get time for ourselves except in weekends and that too just for

“Excerpts from a Paradise: My Trek to Kashmir Great Lakes”

“Take me down to the paradise city… where the grass is green, and the girls sheep are pretty” I sat near terminal 4B, waiting, for my flight was at 8:40pm.


The Story Begins… Though everyone plans and increase the wishes in the bucket list, I badly wanted pull out at least one outta it and step into it! That’s how

Tryst with Hampta Pass

A Travelogue of Trek to Hampta pass and Chandratal Lake & a visit to Tirthan Valley The climb was getting steeper, my pulse racing faster than a speeding train, the

Chadar Trek – A Walk on the Frozen River ‘Zanskar’

Participants: Warren Menezes, Sushant Gaikwad, Mark Garrett, Deva Kumar, Kajal Patel, Harsimran Singh Sangha, Biju Moothedath, Simarpreet Singh, Pawan Vashisht and Vishal Jhanji Trek Leader: Hardik  Trek Guide: Tashi Adventure

Hampta Pass Trek

The Hindi movie, Queen, was a remarkable movie for me. In this movie, due to certain circumstances, Kangana Ranaut, the actor who plays the main character, goes on an international

The warmth of friendship … on the snow clad slopes…

Much like how children form transformative bonds when pitted against a particularly vindictive teacher, so do travellers when faced with the harshest teacher of them all, Nature. Kuari Pass Winter

My First High Altitude Trek

5’4, 48kg, below BMI, very low tolerance for cold, can manage till 20C, very low tolerance for strangers, migraine prone, hard-core non-vegetarian. That is what my profile reads like. Yet,

The Winter Kuari Pass Trek ­- An Anecdote 

All’s well that ends well You know the thing about Himalayas? When you are up there, amidst the mountains, and the chilled winds, the narrow passages and the slipping snow, you

Winter Kuari pass: Snowfall or summit?

Kuari pass which is also popularly known as Lord Curzon’s trail is situated in Garhwal Himalayas. Among all the Himalayan Treks, earlier in summer of 2013 I had done Har-Ki-Doon

“Emotional Trek with my Son to Leh on Chadar River”

It was back? July 2015…Son Samar told me of his plans to undertake a trek on Chadar Trek in leh….. I Amar Nayak (Father of Samar) thought?  “Why not join

Roopkund Trek – The Memories of a Life Time…

Trek Leader: – Sabyasachi Pathak Trek Guides: – Pushkarji and Kalam aka Kalli bhai Participants: – Naitik Dedhia, Monish Chedda, Monish Kothari, Rohit Bahiya, Aayush Daga, Raghav Singhal, Abhishek Gattani,

Dream comes true on heavenly journey – Chadar trek

If you’re a fan of snow and chilly regions in general, there’s no place better than Chadar! See from height exactly what it’s like to be on a frozen river,

Roopkund – A Mysterious Adventure

Himalaya a word itself depicts its meaning, when heard generates altogether different vibes through your nerves. When Vinod and Gopal asked me about joining them for a trek to one

RoopKund  – A Quintessential Himalayan Trek

               It is truly said that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. This journey was all about coming out of your


Life till now has shown its various and downs…love hatred…family…friends..but offlate i have come across a desparate desire to explore places i have never been.I should not particularly label

Chadar Trek Memories

A little article of mine about the Chadar trek  : As I leave the warm and cozy confines of the terminal at Kushok Bakula Rinpoche Airport, and step onto the

Chader Frozen River Trek

My first trek, the Chadar trek was truly an amazing & magical experience. The combination of streaming water, slippery ice, snowfall, waterfalls, mountains, frosting breeze, clear skies and not to

Valley Of Flowers – MESMERIZING MEMORIES My experience

1.  Arrival at haridwar: we were scheduled for pick up at haridwar at 7.30am and my train scheduled arrival time was 4.30am but as most of indian railway trains seeing

Rupin Pass- My Himalayan journey to Rupin Pass trek

It is my last day of Rupin Pass Trek. I am at Sangla and my knees and toes are exhausted from the long journey, which I have pursued for the

The 20000 Air _Stok Kangri Expedition_My Experience

                            The ‘Twenty -1000’ air – Stok Kangri Expedition: My Experience Prologue:TheBeginning:- Itwas a thought that made me took decision for a summit re attempt, yes a re-attempt.

Hampta Pass Trek

  This was my first Trek to Himalayas and was a life changing experience.I enjoyed being in the mountains and I am for sure going to take many more treks

Roopkund Trek:Oct 2014

A small child of 8th standard around 11:30 PM was jammed alone in front of his black and white TV set. Surrounding was dark, night was quite cold and silenced disturbed due to

There is always a first time

From my childhood, I’ve been a person who would stay 10 steps away from any kind of suspected danger. I was never a kind of person who loved adventure and

Roopkund : A Journey Within

                    I always dream of mountains. There is something about their up there that calls to me, making me want to

Winter Trek to Kuari Pass and Pangarchulla (Sky Watch New Year – Skies from Kuari Pass, UK)

Trek Name: – Winter Trek to Kuari Pass and Pangarchulla (Sky Watch New Year – Skies from Kuari Pass, UK) Trek Duration: – 6 Days Base: – Joshimath Peaks Visible

Tranquility and placidity at Kuari Pass

With ever changing of Clouds, meadows, snows, stars (at night)…Life at mountains will always be changing…but Beauty of mountains never get reduced…It is always at its best People ask me

Stok Kangri Expedition – Ladakh

Stok Kangri Expedition – 4th Aug to 11th Aug 2012 About Stok Kangri mountain: Elevation: 6,153 m (20,182 feet) Stok Kangri is the highest mountain in the Stok Range of the

The Roopkund Trek: High in the Mountains

Delhi “I’m really looking forward to this trek, I want to live in the mountains permanently!” I said, tired of Delhi’s traffic. “Yeahwe can help you with that. We’ll make

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek – Himalayan Experience of a First Timer

It was a “dream came true” for me! I was always longing for a Himalayan Trek mainly for three reasons: a) to find myself in front of the mighty Himalaya

Roopkund Trek (18th May 2014)

“I had an inheritance from my father It was the moon & the sun I can move throughout the world now The spending of it can never be done” I

A Journey Beyond Limits: My Trek To Roopkund

One of my many beliefs is that fear wanes if you experience whatever causes that fear. Further, I have always felt that one of the purposes of life is to

My Himalayan trek experience with TTH- Har ki Dun Trek

Name- Puja Sarkar Female. 27 years. Job Description- Working offshore as a Field Geophysicist Trek- Har Ki Dun Duration- 8 days. Book This Trek It was by far one of

An Enigma called Roopkund

The Himalayas have a reputation for putting the Human spirit to test. One moment you are exhilarated and ecstatic, the very next moment you could be dejected and crestfallen. Roopkund

To Be A Nomad

It is over. I am back now, physically at least.  I had never been to the mountains before, or even seen snow. People had told meof the allure of the

Stok Adhura

Oh! What an expedition in the land which meets the sky. Itwas my first visit to Leh, a region mostly believed to be cut off from the restof the world

Bagini Glacier Trek

It was in the month of April, that we embarked upon yet another journey to the mountains, in an attempt to quench our insatiable thirst for adventure and to feel

Kuari Pass Trek———what the heck?

The only question that I have been hearing the past few days since my return from Rishikesh after having completed the Kuari Pass Trek…… “How was the trip?” My reply

Idyllic Kashmir Great Lake trek

It was that time of the year, when the mountains call and my heart starts throbbing, anxious to meet an old lover.After a delayed flight I arrived in Srinagar, in