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How to stay warm in cold Winter treks

Winter joyride is coming closer. Our preparations have already begun. The enthusiasm to dig in snow vanquishes the thought of how to stay warm in the cold. It is only

Do’s and Don’t’s for Winter treks

Winter in the Himalayas brings diamond ice covering on the beautiful mountains. Hiking on these mountains is living in the present while creating your footprints, that mark your presence in

Things to make a note of before visiting the winter wonderland: Chadar Trek

The desire to see the unseen, to explore the unexplored, the will to know your limits to push, has upsurged visitors to the Chadar trek. It is the most popular

What makes Dayara Bugyal the ideal winter wonderland

Witnessing a snowfall in the mountains is on every trekker’s checklist. A trek that looks marvellous both in the winter season, as well as the summer season, is an added

Winter Kuari Pass Trek – Trekking in Uttarakhand

The winters were almost over and it would have been disappointing if it was without a winter trek! Motivated by few seminars of The Himalayan Club which I had attended,


What a great start to 2018! A snow trek at 12,500 ft to The Terrific Kedarkantha that left me awestruck. Have you ever dreamt of stealing away to The Himalayas

WINTER KUARI PASS (WKP) TREK 16th December- 21st December 2017

Once a trekker, trekker for a lifetime Those who have trekked earlier especially in the Himalayas can easily understand the title for the blog. In addition, even others may appreciate

What’s Hot in Winter Kuari Pass Trek Starting this November

For Himalayan thrillophiliacs it is hard to resist the magnetic pull of Kuari Pass under winter’s icy spell. Every year, come November, we open our first trek of the season

“Winter” Kuari Pass: When the TTH Recce Team Found the Quintessential Himalayan Snow Trek

Kuari Pass today is recognized as a spectacular snow trek but only six years ago it wasn’t such a sought-after winter adventure. The trail, chockablock with powdery slush snow in

Kuari Conquered: A Lyrical Chronicle!

Far away, over the misty mountains cold, We embarked on our journey enroute winding roads. Up the hills, down the valleys, confluence of babbling brook passing by, Excitement set in,


A wise man once said “You can kill a man but you cannot kill an idea”. Some 5 years back I and a close friend of mine were planning a


Trek: Winter Kuari Pass (Lord Curzon Trail) Date: 28/12/16 to 2/1/17 MIND OF MINE They weren’t kidding when they said “Trekking is an addiction”. This was my second Himalayan trek

The Prayag-Confluence of Mind, Body and Soul!

“The wind whispers the message of the mountains; to be understood only by the chasers of clouds and dreamers of stars”. After my recent visit to the Queen of Hills-Darjeeling,

चंद्रशिला से गुफ्तगू

चले थे मिलने अनजान लोगों से, सोचा था कुछ वक्त के लिऐ खुद को भुला देंगे, सोचा था एक नयी दुनिया बसा लेंगे, सोचा था नयी सोच से मिलेंगे।  

My calling for Kuari Pass in Winter

Where– Kuari Pass, Uttrakhand When– 19-24th March, 2016 Who- Rishabh Goel, a fourth year law student pursuing BALLB(H) degree from O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat. Why I chose to go


The Story Begins… Though everyone plans and increase the wishes in the bucket list, I badly wanted pull out at least one outta it and step into it! That’s how

Chadar Trek – A Walk on the Frozen River ‘Zanskar’

Participants: Warren Menezes, Sushant Gaikwad, Mark Garrett, Deva Kumar, Kajal Patel, Harsimran Singh Sangha, Biju Moothedath, Simarpreet Singh, Pawan Vashisht and Vishal Jhanji Trek Leader: Hardik  Trek Guide: Tashi Adventure

The warmth of friendship … on the snow clad slopes…

Much like how children form transformative bonds when pitted against a particularly vindictive teacher, so do travellers when faced with the harshest teacher of them all, Nature. Kuari Pass Winter

The Winter Kuari Pass Trek ­- An Anecdote 

All’s well that ends well You know the thing about Himalayas? When you are up there, amidst the mountains, and the chilled winds, the narrow passages and the slipping snow, you

Winter Kuari pass: Snowfall or summit?

Kuari pass which is also popularly known as Lord Curzon’s trail is situated in Garhwal Himalayas. Among all the Himalayan Treks, earlier in summer of 2013 I had done Har-Ki-Doon

“Emotional Trek with my Son to Leh on Chadar Lake”

It was back? July 2015…Son Samar told me of his plans to undertake a trek on Chadar Trek in leh….. I Amar Nayak (Father of Samar) thought?  “Why not join

Dream comes true on heavenly journey – Chadar trek

If you’re a fan of snow and chilly regions in general, there’s no place better than Chadar! See from height exactly what it’s like to be on a frozen river,

Chadar Trek Memories

A little article of mine about the Chadar trek  : As I leave the warm and cozy confines of the terminal at Kushok Bakula Rinpoche Airport, and step onto the

Chader Frozen River Trek

My first trek, the Chadar trek was truly an amazing & magical experience. The combination of streaming water, slippery ice, snowfall, waterfalls, mountains, frosting breeze, clear skies and not to

Top Winter Treks in Indian Himalayas

Trekking in itself is a challenging journey on foot to scale the altitude of mighty mountains. Add to it the ambience offered by winters, and the challenge increases multifold. Winter

Winter Trek to Kuari Pass and Pangarchulla (Sky Watch New Year – Skies from Kuari Pass, UK)

Trek Name: – Winter Trek to Kuari Pass and Pangarchulla (Sky Watch New Year – Skies from Kuari Pass, UK) Trek Duration: – 6 Days Base: – Joshimath Peaks Visible

Snow Winter Kauri Pass

 Kauri Pass is one of the few trekking destinations of Himalayan region that is available for trekking in winter season when the paths get wrapped with heavy snow fall. I

Kuari Pass Trek———what the heck?

The only question that I have been hearing the past few days since my return from Rishikesh after having completed the Kuari Pass Trek…… “How was the trip?” My reply

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