Kedarkantha Trek experience with Trek The Himalayas (TTH)

So here goes my KEDARKANTHA Trek❤ experience with Trek The Himalayas (TTH) team…

26 Dec 2017

The experience of my first Himalayan Trek, i.e. Kedarkantha Trek started with the experience of my First Flight… Yeahh it was the first time that I travelled by Air and it was awesome for me… Thanks to Deep who gave me his window seat… It was a very long Day… As we first travelled to Mumbai from Vapi and than we had a flight ✈ to Delhi and from Delhi we had to catch a Train for Dehradun… Ufff…!!! It was a Day full of Travelling… But the day was full of Excitement… We all were very much excited for the Trek… I was very excited to go on this Trek to explore the Snow❄ specially…

27 Dec 2017

The start to the most awaited Trip… We got down at Dehradun Railway Station, where the TTH team escorted Us to Sankri… Sankri is a place situated at 6400 feet height from Dehradun… The route was across the Mountains and Valleys and Rivers… The view was just Amazing and Mesmerizing… The Nature, at its Best…!! The route was quite a Long Route and thus a bit Tiring… And also, on the way we had a halt at a River Side , where I got my left leg dashed to a Big Stone as I jumped off the Stones… Well that’s ME , who always takes memory of any place travelled, in that way… After reaching Sankri in the evening we got settled in the rooms allotted to Us… Thereafter we had briefing about the Trek with Dinner… We had to get back to beds early as we had a Long Journey today and also had to start the Trek the next Day…v It was so Freaking Cold, inspite of wearing 2-3 layers, we were still shivering of Cold…

28 Dec 2017

The Trek Day arrived… The excitement reached another Level…v The Trek, for the first base camp, JUDA KA TALAB​ at 9100 feet height, ascended… I heard that it’s a Lake, but it’s a Frozen Lake… ❄ The start was definitely a Very Energetic Startζ​ , which slowly turned into a Tiring One within an Hour… Climbing the Mountains in a such Cool Atmosphere was in itself a Challenge… And again, today, I had a fall at the first Maggi Point, where I slipped in the Kichad… As the Trek continued, we began to remove the layers of clothing as the Bright Shining Sun above, had set the temperature rising on us… After the Trek of almost 4-5 hours, we reached our first Camp, JUDA KA TALAB… OMG the scene was soo soo soo Beautiful… The 80% of the Lake was totally Frozen… ❄ I could not take my eyes off the Lake view… As it was a Trek, we had stay in Tents…‰ We settled in Our Tents, had Lunch, and than we went for a Acclimatization Walk… The walk ended in the Beautiful Bed of Snow…❄ There was Snow all over… We had lots of Fun in the Snow… We had Snow Fights as well…v That was really really the Amazing Time we all had… Also during Night, we all played Few Games and had lots and lots of Fun… And then there was a Challenge for Us while sleeping, we had to Zip Ourselves in the Sleeping Bags… Ohh that was such a tedious job to be done and that too in darkness… But anyhow we managed and slept… It felt like the Childhood Days, the kids being wrapped in a piece of Cloth…

29 Dec 2017

The second day of the Trek… On waking up , we saw that the remaining 20% of Lake was also frozen…❄ It was such a treat to watch it… I was throwing Stones to see if it breaks… The others were walking , running and working out , just to warm up their bodies under the Sunlight… We, then left for another campsite , capturing the memories of JUDA KA TALAB for Lifetime… It was a Good Trek Time today as we had to walk very less… We hardly walked for 2-3 hours to reach the next campsite KEDARKANTHA BASE,​ which was at 11,250 feet height… And as the Heights increased, so did the Snow Beds…❤ We were walking ON the Snow… That Feeling, That Moment, That Time, was Just Just Super Fab…!! It was a Dream come True… Today I just didn’t walk on the Snow, but I also had my Tent‰ on the Snow itself… The moment I reached the Campsite and saw the Tent on the Snow, I was like Nooo and I was pleading with other Trekkers to exchange their Tents with Us… But none did… Huhh… After sadly settling with The Tent‰ on the Snow❄, we again had Snow Fights… Today we did Lots of Boomerangs of Playing with the Snow… In the Evening we had a Training Session on how to walk on the Snow with the Crampons on… And on the return way, we were literally chilling on the Snow…❄ We did Snow Slides… We lied down on The Snow just to click Pictures… From the Kedarkantha Base, we were able to see the Kedarkantha Peak , which was to be conquered the next Day… The Nature has its own Cards to Play…º We were Chilling on the Nature’s Lap… And I am Short of words to express that Feeling I had being there…

30​ Dec 2017

Aahaa…!! The SUMMIT​ DAY​…v The Climax Scene​ of the Trek for which we had gone so Far… Firstly, as we had to go for the Summit today, we had to Wake Up at 2.30 in the Morning… Uff, that was so Pathetic… Waking Up so early, in such Minus Degree Temperature, OMG…!! For the first time in my Life, I had Maggi as my Breakfast and that too at 3.00 in the Morning… We left for the Summit around 4.00 am… Before even reaching half the way I was totally Exhausted and almost Gave Up… My legs were so jammed that I could not take a Step ahead… But it was the whole team and most importantly The Trek Leader Ravinder Ji, who motivated to move ahead… Hats Off to His Patience Level… I could see the Peak of Kedarkantha, but it was still far away… The Trek Leader and the Guides used to Boost Up saying Just few more Steps , but actually it was not Just Few Steps… I had Given at the point, from where only last two Mountains were left… But the Trek Leader, didn’t let me Give Up, he held my hand and made me reached the Top, that’s THE SUMMIT​…v And I​ did​ it till the Summit​… It was 12,500 feet Up…Źÿ​ Wopipieee… v The Trek Leader Congrulated all of Us for reaching the Peak Point… The atmosphere was so very windy… And the view from the Top was soo soo soo Mesmerizing… It took away My Heart…❤ Within 30-35 mins, we started to descend from the Summit and at that time I was Running, as I completed the Summit… My Happiness had No Bounds…. On the Return Way, we all had a Big Snow Slides , wherein few people were badly hurt… Also, I finished the Slide with half my Legs in the Snow… We reached the Kedarkantha Base, had Lunch, rested for some time and again started descending to the next campsite HARGAON​ which was at the height of 8900 feet… Reaching Hargaon was Fun… We did hell lots of Fun there… We did some Garba, some Bhangra, and rest Ganpati Dance… Again we all played certain Games together… Today also, all of our Tents‰ had a story… Today all of Ours Tents were on the Slope… So, while sleeping we all used to slipped down and we had to pull ourselves back and the same cycle was continued the whole Night… It was a Super Fun, as we completed The Summit…!!​

31 Dec 2017

The last day for the Trek… We just had to walk down the hills… ↘ On the way back to Sankri, I slipped a couple of times due to the excitement of completing it… All were so so Happy that we all did it… On the way back, I also meet few other Friends, who had just started their Trek and we were Completing it… And so I was way more excited that they are still at the start and we did it… I recalled the very first day, when we also meet other Trekkers who were completing their Trek and wishing Us Good Luck , when we were at the start of Our Trek… Each and Every Moment of My Trek was Just AmazingΈ, Everlastingʹ, Superbȵ, Awesomeͽ, Flabbergastingͷ, Mind Blowingɬ, Stunningͺ, Breathtakingly Beautifulɾ,​ etc. etc. etc…!! One of the Best part of the whole Trek was, I did my whole Trek in single pair of Clothesɀ​ and that too in Jeans…ȿ​ After reaching Sankri all were down with Leg Pain or Back Pain or Body Pain and all types of Pain… The only thing, all were eagerly craving and waiting , was a single Bucket of Hot Water to Bathe… Unfortunately, only few Lucky Ones could Bathe , and others could not… In the evening, we got Our Trek Completion Certificates from Our Trek Leader Ravinder Ji… It felt like we have achieved something Great… At Night, we arranged for a Party for the 31st Eve… We played Games and most importantly we had DJ… We enjoyed the Party like hell… It was just Super Fun… Everyone were just in the Party mood and all Pains had been forgotten…

01 Jan 2018

The New Year was really Happy this Time…™ It was the Time to leave Shakri and get back to Our Routine Lives… We greeted Goodbyes to all the New Friends and got into Our Tempo Travellers… This journey from Sankri to Dehradun was the Toughest one… All were so tired, none uttered a word in the Tempo Travellers and all were just Sleeping… All were suffering from Motion Sickness… This was one of the Most Most Amazing Time​ I had till date in my Life… It was a Must Required Trip… I will always Remember this Trek… The Nature , The Mountain , The River , The Valleys and The Everything and The Every Minute+ spent there, in Mother Nature’s Lap​… It was A Great Memorable Trip… ❤

02 Jan 2018

We reached at Delhi, boarded the Flight✈, reached Mumbai, and from Mumbai got a Train to Vapi… Thus, we got back to Our Normal Routine Lives, with Fun Filled Memories of Kedarkantha Trek…❄ This Trek was a Superb and Awesome Experience of my Life…✌ Thanks to all the People involved in any way in this Trek with me… And I am Very Happy adding new Friends to my Life… Just Loved it… Loved being away from all the Social Media and I was completely in Love with the Nature’s Creation…



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