Kedarkantha Peak Trek

And here’s my story! 

One fine Saturday morning in November, me and my husband were enjoying our cup of tea and the topic of discussion came, where shall we celebrate our 1st anniversary, which was on 8th March 2020. First suggestions came out organically, let’s go to Bali, Maldives or what about Singapore? My husband had some priorities so he mentioned we will go somewhere in India only, days past by and discussions continued over dinner table or whatsapp conversation amid office hours, we nearly fixed Kerala, but somehow I wasn’t convinced, I wanted my first anniversary to be memorable celebration. I started searching for more destinations and then thanks to Instagram I saw a post by a friend of Kedarkantha Trek and that moment I was convinced that’s where I want to celebrate our special day. That’s all, we made bookings and couple of other friends also joined us for the trek. We all prepared mentally, physically and emotionally for nearly  couple of months and I was super excited for the trip.

Our journey was from Pune- Delhi- Dehradun and reaching our first destination Sankri. The small village that I am in absolute love with, no hustle and bustle of lavish life, in afternoon you will find all the male members of the family sitting outside and enjoying either cards or carrom, such a relaxed life. We started our trek to Juda a Talab and day-3 to Kedarkantha base camp. Everything was just perfect, until the day-3, in the evening while returning from acclimatization walk, I realized my menstrual cycle have started a week before, probably due to higher altitudes or excessive activities or nervousness or whatever reason, it happened to break me down physically and mentally. I had spent months to prepare for this trip and I was happy to be there, but I didn’t expect this at all. A week before? That never happened with me. In a regular routine, I would sit with hot water bag throughout the day both at office and home, as I hardly have any strength to walk. But there I was in a situation, I spent money, emotions to be at a place, what should I do, shall I quit going to Summit? Shall I sit back and cry with my pain. I asked Trek leader if I can have pain killer, he suggested not to take because in higher altitude pain killer causes sleep, so I should avoid if I can. I decided not to take any pain killer and will not sit back. I will at least attempt to go to Summit. With that will and my husband’s support I started my Summit Trek, honestly it was way painful to walk in the situation (cold) and too exhaustive as of course I was less energetic than regular. After trekking for around 3.5 km, my body literally stopped responding and all I needed was to lie down. All my trek partners in a group of 24 had already completed the Summit and there I was struggling to walk each step. It is said that when there is a will, There’s a way, my husband encouraged me through out and specially giving me sips of glucose like after every 10 steps, and then one of our trek leader returned from Summit to literally hold my hands and pulled me to those last steps to Summit. There I was, finally fighting from all the odds, standing at the Summit, couldn’t hold my tears, cried my heart out, of course in a sense of achievement. 

I am truly grateful to Trek the Himalayas for taking such good care of all the trekkers.  And of course, a message to all women trekkers, don’t let your menstrual cycle disrupt you and your dreams.

Written By
Aditi Verma