Top summer Himalayan treks never to miss

As we step into the new year all we can think is nothing should halt our adventure plans. Mountains are the biggest playground to create memories, get peace and gather

Summer treks never to miss: Treks that signify every aspect of life

The Himalayas, the youngest mountain range formed on the Earth. Similar to the love showered to the youngest kid, this mountain range also is the most admired mountain range. With

Post monsoon trekking season: The best, a trekker can get

Are you enjoying the rains? Who does not? We love the wet season for it’s fresh green everywhere. However, some of us love to keep it dry while trekking. If

TAPOVAN… A Paradise where GODS reside

1000kms of drive, 50 kms of trek, 3 people and 5 days… Is all it took to reach the base of Mount Shivling, Tapovan. The trek has its own set

This Summer Explore The Hidden Treasures Under The Snow-Cover

A new season is arriving which will give you the opportunity to experience the hidden treasures and adventures underneath the beautiful snow cover. Summer brings all-natural livelihood back to the

Gangotri Gomukh Tapovan Trek – Hidden adventures at the most religious place on Earth

Here we add another trek to your bucket list. But let me warn you this trek will blow your mind with its authenticity and sacredness. Of course, it does bring

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