If you would like to experience monsoon at its best, Hampta pass trek in Himalayas is the best place to be at. Stream crossings, beautiful forest trails, challenging and thrilling

My First Himalayan Trek — Hampta Pass Trek

Everytime i travel, i meet myself a little more #ontrip Best time for the trek : June to October Trek Altitude : Approx 14000 ft Trek Grade : Moderate Duration

Best Monsoon Treks in Himalayas

Get set to get wet with breathtaking Himalayas Days pass, life moves on, and so the seasons change. But the Himalayas keep standing tall through all eternity, the colors of

Hampta Pass Trek – Himalayas Trek

“Somewhere between the start of the trail and the end is the mystery why we choose to walk.”   And got the chance to seek the answer again but not

Tryst with Hampta Pass

A Travelogue of Trek to Hampta pass and Chandratal Lake & a visit to Tirthan Valley The climb was getting steeper, my pulse racing faster than a speeding train, the

Hampta Pass Trek

The Hindi movie, Queen, was a remarkable movie for me. In this movie, due to certain circumstances, Kangana Ranaut, the actor who plays the main character, goes on an international

Hampta Pass Trek

  This was my first Trek to Himalayas and was a life changing experience.I enjoyed being in the mountains and I am for sure going to take many more treks

There is always a first time

From my childhood, I’ve been a person who would stay 10 steps away from any kind of suspected danger. I was never a kind of person who loved adventure and

Why I choose Hampta Pass as my first trek?

Located in the Manali region, with a gentle climb, the moderate trail to Hampta Pass offers different shades of beauty. Trekking in Himachal is always adventurous, challenging, fun and is

05 days trek to Chandrtaal lake and Hampta pass

Hey guys! Looking for all-in-one package for trek? Why are you so confused? Of course I can help you. How about a trek to Hampta Pass? What say? Still in

A journey Kullu valley to Spitti, Hampta trek

Trekking is my passion and every year to rejuvenate myself; I spend few days with nature in the desolated places of high altitudes. This time I went for Hampta Pass

A completer trek to Hampta Pass

  Trekking should be packed in with fun, adventure and scope for lots of memorable moment for future. That has always been my attitude while opting for a place to