Top summer Himalayan treks never to miss

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A Tale of Har Ki Doon Trek

Hello friends, if you have read my previous trek story then you must aware about all my “Jugads” to do that trek. Well, if you have not read that then

Why Ruinsara Tal is not a part of our Har Ki Dun Itinerary anymore?

This article is not about any suggestions on treks or news updates, but putting light on some rumors about Har Ki Doon trek. To start with Har Ki Doon has

Post monsoon trekking season: The best, a trekker can get

Are you enjoying the rains? Who does not? We love the wet season for it’s fresh green everywhere. However, some of us love to keep it dry while trekking. If

Our first Himalayan trek: Surmounting Har Ki Doon

Holding the hands of my husband and standing in front of fresh summer snow filled Panoramic Mountains around me, I thought to myself, “this is all worth it! Taking the

Because the family always comes first!

We always thrive to make our parents proud. Even the greatest achievement does not make us happy if it is not appreciated by our family. Our daily routine, career choices,

HAR KI DUN TREK 13may – 19may 2018

“The best view comes after the hardest climb.” Always being an adventure seeking person, trekking the Himalayas has been a part of my bucket list since 3 years. I was

Monsoon Scenes from a Year Ago On Har Ki Dun

“..And the earth itself. It smells differently in different places. But loveliest fragrance is known only when it receives a shower of rain. And then the scent of wet earth

This Summer Explore The Hidden Treasures Under The Snow-Cover

A new season is arriving which will give you the opportunity to experience the hidden treasures and adventures underneath the beautiful snow cover. Summer brings all-natural livelihood back to the

“MY FIRST TREK OF LIFE- HKD- Meri Kahaani, meri jubaani”

“MY FIRST TREK OF LIFE- HKD- Meri Kahaani, meri jubaani” In today’s busy and hectic life, we rarely get time for ourselves except in weekends and that too just for

8 Reasons why your teenage kid will love Har ki Doon

Having a difficult time convincing your teenage kid to try trekking? Worry not, here’re a few points why your overenthusiastic son/daughter will love being in the hills. 1- Har ki

Why is Har Ki Doon Trek the perfect choice for a first-timer?

Situated at an altitude of 11667 ft, Har Ki Doon is one of the easiest treks of the Garhwal region. The altitude, as compared to other peaks, is not very

A Moderate Trek to Har ki Doon

Its a year end; I was planning to move out on some vacation. So I piled up time from my hectic schedule and put up my camera to glam up

My Himalayan trek experience with TTH- Har ki Dun Trek

Name- Puja Sarkar Female. 27 years. Job Description- Working offshore as a Field Geophysicist Trek- Har Ki Dun Duration- 8 days. Book This Trek It was by far one of

First Himalayan trek in Grahwal- Har ki doon

Once in a lifetime a great adventure is very necessary in order to challenge yourself and for this you need to enjoy great time. But when I browse many online