Metro to Mountains- Kedarkantha

Every beautiful journey comes into mind for a reason and it happened to us when we heard Kedarkantha calling us. With this, our journey started from the metro towards the

Kedarkantha: A dream trek

I always wanted to go on a Himalayan trek since my college days. However, the plan never materialized due to my ever-busy group of friends. The idea of going solo

My Experience with Kedarkantha and TTH (Dec13 – Dec18, 2020)

Finally, the day has come when I felt the real coldness in Sankri village. Altitude – 6400 feet. The trek leader asked us “it is warm here right?”. He was

“Life is better in Hiking Boots!!!”

My first trek in my life was in 2009 in Western Ghats – Mulliangiri – the highest peak in Karnataka, accompanied with my friends – Rajeswari, Sudhir, Vijay, Vibhav &

Kedarkantha Peak Trek

And here’s my story!  One fine Saturday morning in November, me and my husband were enjoying our cup of tea and the topic of discussion came, where shall we celebrate

Kaleidoscopic Kedarkantha

Some experiences can be life changing. This was one of them for me at many levels. December 2018 was fast approaching and I couldn’t wait for my holidays to begin.I

Kedarkantha “Best Winter trek” organized by Trek The Himalayas (TTH)

Before you read anything about Kedarkantha Trek, first read this: “This is a must do trek for every trekker/nature lover/adventure lover person”. It was year end festive season of 2018

A perfect guide to your snow peak adventures

The fascination of getting to the summit of a snow-covered peak is cherished by all trekkers and mountaineers. Climbing a peak has both its pros and cons but mainly the


What a great start to 2018! A snow trek at 12,500 ft to The Terrific Kedarkantha that left me awestruck. Have you ever dreamt of stealing away to The Himalayas

Kedarkantha Trek experience with Trek The Himalayas (TTH)

So here goes my KEDARKANTHA Trek❤ experience with Trek The Himalayas (TTH) team… 26 Dec 2017 The experience of my first Himalayan Trek, i.e. Kedarkantha Trek started with the experience

Travelogue with TTH to Kedarkantha

Day 1:  It was between 05:45 and 07:00 hrs on a cold November morning that twelve of us gathered together in the parking area of the Dehradun railway station. We


Traveling to unknown places excites most of us, and moreover, gives us a sense of independence. I don’t want to write something about myself since that could be misinterpreted as being selfish, which

Top Winter Treks in India | winter Treks In Indian Himalayas

Trekking in itself is a challenging journey on foot to scale the altitude of mighty mountains.Add to it the ambience offered by winters, and the challenge increases multifold. Winter Trek