Stok – We will be back

Like other trekkers even we had the dream of climbing Stok kangri and this year we planned to do it. We enrolled ourselves for this highest trekable peak in India

Postpone everything and go for the ultimate, Stok Kangri

Gradually, Stok Kangri is becoming the most famous peak in India. With the right kind of marketing, all have eyes on this peak. Well, it should be at the top.

How we achieved more than 90% summit rate on Stok Kangri

No doubt Stok Kangri is the Everest of India. Of course, due to its fame as the highest trekkable peak and commercial marketing, it is by far the most popular

Leh One Day Cycling

NEY TO BASGO (Down Hill) The downhill cycling section from Ney to Basgo is very beautiful and the trail goes through the tiny villages of Sham valley in Ladakh region. Ney

Lady Leopard of the Himalayas: Stok Kangri

Expedition: Stok Kangri                  Location: Kashmir, India                  Height: 6153m/20,080ft. Trekkers: 15 People       

A perfect guide to your snow peak adventures

The fascination of getting to the summit of a snow-covered peak is cherished by all trekkers and mountaineers. Climbing a peak has both its pros and cons but mainly the

Confessions of a Stok summitieer!!!

There I was cribbing about the hot and humid March afternoon we were trying to slave through (although, I must admit, I would take on Mumbai humidity any day to

“Last Crucial Hour Before The Summit: Mt. StokKangri”

Stok Kangri Expedition 2017 03- 13 July 2017 About Mt. Stok kangri Stok Kangri (6,153 metres (20,187 ft)) is the highest mountain in the Stok Range of the Himalayas in the Ladakh region of

My dream trek to Stok Kangri

My background I am a 39-year-old IT Professional with BMI around 22. I did only one easy trek (Har Ki Dun) before choosing Stok kangri. This looked foolish even to

What makes Stok Kangri tough – Ladakh Trekking

Stok Kangri Trek is more than just a trek. It is an adventure where you will be challenged physically, emotionally and psychologically. The summit day will give you jitters for

Stok Kangri Trek 2016, is stunning summit which thrills along the way

I stared gleefully at the Karakoram range in Pakistan. I shielded my eyes from the intense morning sun. At an altitude of 20,100 feet, the 8 AM sun looked brighter

The 20000 Air _Stok Kangri Expedition_My Experience

                            The ‘Twenty -1000’ air – Stok Kangri Expedition: My Experience Prologue:TheBeginning:- Itwas a thought that made me took decision for a summit re attempt, yes a re-attempt.

Stok Kangri Expedition

‘Everytime i go to the high mountains, I discover something new not about them, but about me.’ (Anatoli Boukreev) We had met just about a year ago, when our passion for

Stok Kangri Expedition – Ladakh

Stok Kangri Expedition – 4th Aug to 11th Aug 2012 About Stok Kangri mountain: Elevation: 6,153 m (20,182 feet) Stok Kangri is the highest mountain in the Stok Range of the

A Beautiful Climb – Stok Kangri Expedition

Stok Kangri is popular as the highest trekking summit in India, and that is the only reason I was fascinated towards it. As a frequent trekker, I have almost visited

Stok Adhura

Oh! What an expedition in the land which meets the sky. Itwas my first visit to Leh, a region mostly believed to be cut off from the restof the world

Place of Lamas- Stok Kangri Climb

It was the altitude of Stok Kangri that attracts me the most. When at first I heard about the expedition at the height of 20180 ft, the first word that

The last 16 hours at Stok Kangri

I am Rahul Prabhudesai from Goa and I have been a trekker and climber associated with Trek The Himalayas for over 6 years now. After doing a number of Himalayan

Desert Land, amazing Landscape, Stok Kangri Trek

Getting bored by the monotonous routine of the plains, I decided to take a break and say goodbye to the even terrain for few days. I had many friends who