Trek hacks: Using a sleeping bag

Whoever sees a sleeping bag for the first time, always wonder what kind of bed is it! We have our own doubts. Having said that, sleeping in the sleeping bag gives the most peaceful sleep, definitely. Before that first one needs to know how to use it correctly.

Many times we get concerns about breaking/locking of the zipper, short height, breathlessness, etc. Many also find it difficult to pack the sleeping bag in the cover. Here are some hacks of how to use and pack a sleeping bag efficiently.

Getting to know the sleeping bag

  • There is velcro at the top just near the zip ends to close the opening.
  • The sleeping bag zip is such that it can be opened from inside and outside of the sleeping bag. To make this possible, if you look closely the zip can shift inside and outside. When you outside pull it outwards and open the sleeping bag.
  • There is a string is to tighten the opening of the sleeping bag for your head. You can see that later.
  • The end of the sleeping bag, a section for your feet, has a fleece lining from inside to keep the feet warm.

Using the sleeping bag

Open the zip and lay it open on the sleeping mat. Now put your legs inside the sleeping and pull it until fleece of the sleeping bag touches your feet. Make sure your face is out for breathing. Cover up your head by the cover and pull the string to fit your head.

  • For short people, shorten the length of the sleeping bag by tieing a sling and go inside your bag to sleep warm.

Packing sleeping bag

Next morning after a warm sleep, put the sleeping end towards your feet inside the cover first. Then keep applying force. Make sure there are no air gaps and keep pushing while forcing little parts inside. Once, the entire bag is inside the cover, tighten the straps. Then pull the string to close the opening. Your sleeping bag is ready to be moved!

Additional tips

  • Always remove your thick jacket or fleece before going inside the sleeping bag. First 5-10 minutes you might feel cold, but with body heat eventually sleeping bag gets warmer. With down jacket or fleece you may feel hot and start sweating. In extreme cold, you can wear a fleece if you wish.
  • Usually, feet tend to remain cold despite the fleece lining. If this causes discomfort, try to cover your legs with fleece or jacket first then put your legs inside the sleeping bag.
  • Don’t use your water bottles below your feet to keep them warm, unless you are sure the bottle won’t open and spill water.
  • For short people, never go completely hidden within the bag. This may cause suffocation. Either shorten the bag as mentioned in early points or try to keep a tiny opening for continuous air circulation.
  • Keep your phones, power bank inside the bag to avoid battery drain.

Whatever said, try to keep yourself comfortable at the most. And try your own techniques to do do, without causing problems.