Trek hacks: Using tents efficiently

After a long day, we can’t wait to get inside that tent. We throw the trekking pole and try to get inside along with the backpack. There are many such things we do wrong to fit in the trekking world. Worry not, we have made it easy for you. We have pointed out some basic things that need to be followed to survive in the mountains, to live in tents like a 5-star hotel.

Getting inside the tent

  • First, fix the trekking pole or ice axe outside the tent. Don’t carry it inside the tent, the pointed edges may tear the tent.
  • Then remove backpack and shoes.
  • Open the outer and roll it open and then open the inner zips.
  • Open the inner zips completely. Else the zip gets stretched and may break if you try to force yourself in.

Now you are all ready to step inside the tent.

Inside the tent

Keep your bag inside then remove your shoes.

  • Keep the shoes in the area beneath the outer to protect from snow or rains.
  • Hang your head torch at the hanger above.
  • Use the side pocket for mobile or other accessories.
  • Sleep in the centre of the tent next to your tent mate. Place backpacks towards the side as if they are shielding you. This way body heat helps to keep each other warm.
  • Use the sleeping bags efficiently as mentioned here: <Sleeping bag link>
  • At night if you are willing to leave the tent, make sure to inform your tent mate or ask them to come along.
  • Our tents are two men tents, so they are enough spacious for two people and their big backpacks. We get many questions for why we have 2 men tents, we have a detailed explanation about it here: <LINK 2 vs 3 men tent>
  • While sleeping, make sure to close the tent properly. Close all the zips of inner and to shut the outer too.

Next time you are on a trek, make sure you follow these for the best sleep in the mountains!