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Covid Restrictions Extended in WB

The west Bengal extended the lock down-like Covid-19 restrictions in the state till August 30. Accoring to the Mamta Banerjee-led governments order, the movements of people in the in West Bengal has been restricted from 11pm to 5 am.

Only emergency services will be allowed to function during night curfew. On Thursday, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee said local trains will only be allowed to function when more people will be vaccinated in the rural areas.

Source : India Today


RTPCR mandatory to enter HIMACHAL PRADESH

Himachal Pradesh government has made negative RT-PCR reports mandatory for tourists entering the state. Tourists entering the state will now have to carry a negative Covid report, which is not morethan 72 hours old. The government added that people, who will produce vaccine certificates (both one or two), will be allowed to enter the state. The negative Covid report rule , how ever is not for locals. A few days after the Himachal Pradesh government had relaxed Covid-19 related restrictions, a massive tourist influx resulted in midway holdups on national highways and unprecedented traffic jams, Parking lots too, were parked to capacity and people were forced to spend the night in their vehicles due to complete hotel occupancy.

SOURCE : India Today

UPDATE JULY 30, 2021

Latest COVID-19 guidelines of Uttarakhand, Travel Guidelines

Latest COVID-19 guidelines of Uttarakhand were issued on 26-07-2021 and COVID curfew was further extended to 04-08-2021 6.00 AM.

Travel Guidelines for Uttarakhand

  • All people coming from other states who do not have COVID vaccine certificate will have to carry RT PCR/ TrueNat/ CBNAAT/ RAT COVID Negative Test Report(of last 72 hours) to enter Uttarakhand. 
  • Vaccinated people (both doses and after 15 days) do not need to carry RT PCR/ TrueNat/ CBNAAT/RAT COVID Negative Test Report(of last 72 hours) to enter Uttarakhand.
  • But all people coming to Uttarakhand from other states will have to compulsorily register on Smart City web portal

SOURCE: Dehradun Tales

Date:- JULY 29, 2021

Complete weekend lockdown in Kerala

As India continues to battle the second wave of Covid-19, the Kerala government on Thursday, July 29 announced a complete weekend lockdown on July 31, and August 1 in line with the current situation of corona virus infection spread. The state has witnessed a sharp rise in the coronavirus spread as 22,056 fresh COVID-19 cases were reported on Wednesday, July 28, pushing the infection caseload to 33,27.301, with the number of people who succumbed to the virus rising to 16,457 with more death.

SOURCE : Republic World

Date:- JULY 20, 2021

Mandatory Travel Guidelines for Tourists Planning to Visit Uttarakhand

  1. The Covid Curfew has been extended in Uttarakhand till 27 July 2021
  2. Registration (e-pass) is mandatory in Uttarakhand for all inbound persons by all modes of transportation,on the smart city web portal of Dehradun , prior to their travel.
  3. Covid vaccination Report (both doses, minimum 15 days ago) will be required to enter Uttarakhand from Airport, railway station and at borders. If travellers are not vaccinated with both doses then it is mandatory to bring RT-PCR / TrueNat / CBNAAT / RAT Covid negative test report not later than 72 Hours, while entering Uttarakhand.
  4. Uttarakhand local people travelling from one place to another within Uttarakhand will no longer be required to carry a negative RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen test report.
  5. All  are now open (with strict Covid guidelines)
  6. If you are planning for Char Dham Yatra, then check Char Dham yatra Guideleines.

SOURCE : Uttaranchal Tourism Department

Date:- 13/07/2021


A medical student from Kerala who was the first Indian to have positive for Covid-19 in January of last year, has contracted the virus for a second time. The Kerala resident was diagnosed with corona virus after her return from Wuhan in China last year, where she had been studying.

According to the District Medical officer (DMO) concerned, the student is asymptomatic. She has decided to quarantine herself at home and is being closely monitored. The 20-year old is a resident of Thrichur district and reportedly received her test result on July 13, 2021.Officials familiar with the matter also said that the student is yet to receive the first dose of an approved Covid-19 Vaccine.


Date:- 11/07/2021


Ladakh has become the first Union territory to vaccinate all residents and the guest population; consisting of migrant labourers, hotel workers and Nepalese citizens wo are earning their livelihood here, with the first dose of Covid-19 jab.

According to official data, a total of 89,404 people from all eligible age group, including 18-44 years, have been administered the first dose of Covid vaccine. The second dose has been administered to 60,936 people. This was done less than 3 months of starting the third phase of vaccination covering the age group of 18-44 age group. A total of 6821 Neplalese citizens living in the UT were among those vaccinated.


Date:- 02/07/2021

Covishield Accepted By 9 European Countries Amid ‘EU Green Pass’ Exclusion Row:

Sources report that Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Switzerland and Spain have accepted Covishield for EU Green Pass, amid row

In a massive boost to Serum Institute of India (SII) on Thursday, sources report that Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Estonia and Spain have accepted Covishield for the ‘EU Green Pass’, which comes into force from July 1. Sources further report that Switzerland too has allowed Covishield for the ‘EU Green Pass’ which allows unrestricted movement in all EU member states for business and tourism purposes. SII CEO Adar Poonawalla had assured Indian travelllers of speedy resolution after several complained that Covishield had been left out of European Union (EU)’s ‘Green Pass’.

On Monday, Poonawalla said that he was in touch with EU regulators and at a diplomatic level with different countries to resolve Covishield’s exclusion, while its British version -Vaxzevria was approved. In response, the EU pointed out that the European Medical Agency (EMA) has not received a request for Covishield to be approved. EU added that EMA does not investigate any drugs unless they are asked to do so by the companies and said that the member states of the EU have the option to accept vaccinations authorised by the WHO. 


Date:- 02/07/2021

Uttarakhand Extends Covid-19 Curfew for Another Week, Here are All Rules and Guidelines

Covid curfew in Uttarakhand has been extended by another week till July 6 with more relaxations. The extended curfew, which came into effect on Tuesday, will remain in force till 6 am on July 6, an order issued by Chief Secretary Om Prakash said.

Giving more relaxations, shops and business establishments have been allowed to open six days a week instead of five. They will remain open even on Sundays in the two popular tourist spots of Mussoorie and Nainital, the order said. Markets in these towns will remain closed on Tuesday.

Gyms and coaching centres for job aspirants have also been allowed to open with 50 per cent occupancy. However, educational institutions, training institutes, malls and cinema halls will remain closed till further orders. Permission for online classes and distance learning remains in place.

Registering on the smart city portal at the start of their journey and bringing a negative RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen test report not older than 72 hours will be compulsory for people coming to the state from outside or those going to hill areas from the plains. Hotels, restaurants and roadside eateries can open with 50 per cent of their capacity.

Source : NEWS 18

Date:- 01/07/2021


There is a lot of debate about Vaccine Passports right now. What are they and How would they work?

As the Covid-19 fury recedes globally, International passenger traffic is showing an upward trend and is expected to rise further over the next few months. The pace of Vaccination also helped to ease passenger movement across International borders. This is how vaccine passport comes to play

Vaccine passport or immunity passport is a documentary proof that the person vaccinated against Covid-19. Vaccine Passport fast becoming a requirement for people who wish to start travelling again.


With Covid-19 situation improving in world-wide and offices universities and tourist places reopening, a large number of Indian’s are expected to travel abroad. India have approved three Covid-19 vaccine – Covishield, Covaxin and Sputnic V.

The major load of vaccination is shared by Covishield and Covaxin. While Covaxin is not approved by the World Health Organisation, India made Covishield saw a new obstacle rise in Europe.

In its updated guidelines for Green pass, the European union has not included Astra Zeneca Oxford vaccine manufactured in India, Known as Covishield in the country.

The European union listed 4 Covid-19 vaccines which were recognised under emergency use Authorisation ( EUA ). These were Comirnaty ( Made by Pfizer Bio NTech, Moderna, Vaxzevria ( Astra Zeneca Oxford) Janssen ( Johnson & Johnson ).

This means travellers vaccinated with Covishield in India may not get European Union’s Green pass. The European Union, however, said individual countries could grand vaccine passport for any vaccine they found suitable.


The Government recently updated Aarogya Setu App making it possible for people to link their passport to their vaccination status. According to the step wise guide issued by Aarogya Setu, a person can get his/her vaccine passport by following these steps.

  • Vaccinated people can log in to
  • Go to account details section and click on “Rise Issue “
  • Three options could be seen now. Choose “Add Passport details” option. This will take you to a different page, where one can select the name of the person whose passport details are to be updated in the app.
  • Choose name of the concerned person from drop down menu and fill up passport number accurately in the “ Enter beneficiary’s / Passport number section.
  • In step 5 you are required to tick the declaration box. Do cross check and verify details before ticking the box and clicking on ‘Submit request” tab
  • You will receive a message on the registered mobile number notifying that the status was updated successfully. In the final step you need to go back to “Account details” page and click on “Certificate” tab. Your vaccine passport is now for available for download.


Date:- 30/06/2021

leh, ladakh new Covid guidelines

Date:- 03/05/2021

Important Update

Because of the rising covid cases, we have postponed all the treks in Uttarakhand till 15th May, we will update you of the future treks at the earliest.
For any doubts or queries, kindly reach out to us at [email protected]

Date:- 02/05/2021

Uttarakhand new covid guidelines, till 6th May 2021

Date:- 22/04/2021

Covid second wave has caused havoc. Many of the states are under mini-lockdown and curfew. Now the Uttarakhand Government has announced new pandemic regulations. There are a few rules that must be followed by tourists coming in to keep our mountains safe.

Date:- 01/01/2021

It is that time of the year to execute the travel plans we have been fantasizing about. It is time to use all the saved leaves for a long escapade.  Especially for a trekker, this is the peak time to breath in those mesmerizing mountain locations. 
We always dream of playing in the snow, Himalayan treks make us live that dream. With so much of Himalayan access through five hilly states, it is overwhelming to choose one trek. 
If you are wondering about travel restrictions to these States before planning a Himalayan trip, then we have put it all at one place for you. All the States were open to travelling since October. There have been regular updates in the government rules and regulations, here are the latest updates as of 20th December 2020.

This newly formed Union Territory has always been welcoming to its admirers. Same has happened in the pandemic with 2-3 mandatory steps.
1. Before you come to Leh you need RTPCR report 72 hours before you arrive in Leh.
2. You also need a pass, which you can apply for here:
From Leh we have Chadar trek open now and rest of the treks will open in July. Register for Chadar here: 

Uttarakhand was the first State to reopen treks. Since then it has been accommodating trekkers and travellers with safety. As of now, no COVID negative test is required. 
Travel e-pass is compulsory which you can apply here:
We have many winter treks running now. You can find all their details here:

Himachal Pradesh
On 4th December, Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur ruled out making the Covid test mandatory for anyone entering the state from outside, as suggested by the HP High Court in its order. Credits: TribuneIndia.
No RTPCR report is needed nor e-pass is required

Sikkim was the last state to reopen travel activities. Yet, now it has adapted to the demanding economy needs and therefore has no travel restrictions. 
Although their website states nothing is mandatory they recommend carrying a travel card and RTPCR report. As stated on their website. You can apply for a travel card here:
From Sikkim we have Goechala trek which will open from March 2021. Register for Goechala here: 

West Bengal
Just like other states travelling to West Bengal and Kolkata is now completely open. From West Bengal we have Winter Sandakphu trek open now. Register for Sandakphu here: