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Kang Yatse II (Peak) Articles

To rent or not to rent

Rent Trekking gear

Buy-or-Rent-trekking-equipment.jpg High-quality stuff comes at high prices, should we really invest that much? With many such questions, buying trekking gear is a big problem Read More...

Everything you need to know about our first summit of Kang Yatse II

Kang Yatse II

first-summit-of-Kang-Yatse-II.jpg It was an overwhelming moment for all of us. It was a moment of proud and nervousness. Proud because our first batch of this Kang Yatse 2 Read More...

Is Trek Insurance really required?

Trek Insurance

Is-Trek-Insurance-really-required.jpg it makes sense of planning security of insurance there, pertaining to the hazardous conditions(death, frostbite, amputation, injuries) of climbing such big peaks. When it comes to trekking, the major question is, why is it required anyway? Read More...

Are you ready for the Kang Yatse challenge?

Trek The Himalayas

2.jpg If you think Stok Kangri is the last challenging thing, then you are mistaken. The less popular jewel of mental and physical strength, it is difficult that any highest trekking route. Read More...

When there are risks, good management always work

Trek The Himalayas

asd.jpg One gets to enjoy the mind-blowing beauty of the Himalayas and experience raw life. But, that does not mean, the danger of the snowy slopes are not there. Read More...

An Unplanned trek is not always the best

Nutan Shinde TTH Official Content Writer

an-unplanned-trek-is-not-always-the-best-3.jpg An unplanned journey is always the best, they say. Well, this is not applicable to a high altitude trip. We always iterate, the Himalayas is a whole new world that has its own rules. Read More...

Welcome 2019 with Adventures never experienced before

Nutan Shinde TTH Official Content Writer

buran-ghati-trek-1.jpg We are delighted to announce 8 new treks to quench your thirst to explore the unexplored. Hiking through the coldest desert, touching the feet of Annapurna, running on the concealed meadows, making way through the unknown glaciers Read More...

Save your time and money by renting equipment before your first Himalayan trek


ARPENAZ_100_MID_1_1024x1024@2x.jpg What we would rather suggest our trekkers is that they rent the necessary equipment be it apparel or any other trek gear before their first Himalayan trek. Read More...

A perfect guide to your snow peak adventures

Annirudha Kulkarni (TTH official content writer)

Nun-peak-himalayas.jpg We’ve often come across trekkers who want to climb higher peaks without any experience of attempting the lower ones. Read More...

Walking Hacks In The Mountain

Trek The Himalayas

trek-the-himalayas-Walking-hacks-2.jpg Amazing mountain peaks, vivacious alpine flora, infinitely spread meadows and adrenaline adventures. Being in high altitudes is an unbelievable escapade. However, good things never come easy. Lot more than money and endurance goes to attain these treasures. Read More...