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Kareri Lake Trek Articles

To rent or not to rent

Rent Trekking gear

Buy-or-Rent-trekking-equipment High-quality stuff comes at high prices, should we really invest that much? With many such questions, buying trekking gear is a big problem Read More...

How to stay warm in cold Winter treks

Winter Treks

Winter-trek-clothing You keep hearing about wearing layers every time. This is the primary remedy to stay warm with least efforts and less gear. Read More...

Do’s and Don’t’s for Winter treks

Things to learn before going to any winter trek

Dos-and-Donts-for-Winter-treks Keep it light. Carry lightweight fleece and down jackets. Try to bring multifunctional woollen buffs, which can be used as a cap as well as to cover the face. Read More...

Post monsoon trekking season: The best, a trekker can get

Post monsoon trek

Rupin-Pass-and-Buran-Ghati-trek Mountains that seemed nothing feel like everything. Wearisome mountains unleash the magic. Read More...

Here is how a 6-year-old trekked with us

Kareri Lake trek

Kareri_Lake_trek_-(13) We live in a polluted city. We want our kids to know a pollution free world, closely. We want nature to be part of their growth. Read More...

When there are risks, good management always work

Trek The Himalayas

asd One gets to enjoy the mind-blowing beauty of the Himalayas and experience raw life. But, that does not mean, the danger of the snowy slopes are not there. Read More...

Reach to bigger mountains with these small weekend treks

Nutan Shinde Official Writer

Bhrigu-lake-Sonu-thakur A complete small package that offers every thrill of a Himalayan trek. Besides, they are the best alternative for family or amateur trekkers! Read More...

An Unplanned trek is not always the best

Nutan Shinde TTH Official Content Writer

an-unplanned-trek-is-not-always-the-best-3 An unplanned journey is always the best, they say. Well, this is not applicable to a high altitude trip. We always iterate, the Himalayas is a whole new world that has its own rules. Read More...

Welcome 2019 with Adventures never experienced before

Nutan Shinde TTH Official Content Writer

buran-ghati-trek-1 We are delighted to announce 8 new treks to quench your thirst to explore the unexplored. Hiking through the coldest desert, touching the feet of Annapurna, running on the concealed meadows, making way through the unknown glaciers Read More...

Save your time and money by renting equipment before your first Himalayan trek


ARPENAZ_100_MID_1_1024x1024@2x What we would rather suggest our trekkers is that they rent the necessary equipment be it apparel or any other trek gear before their first Himalayan trek. Read More...