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Bagini Glacier And Changbang Base Camp Trek Articles

How Trek the Himalayas Reclaimed the Mountains with Green Trails Cleaning This June

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Goechala-trek.jpg We step into Himalayan kingdom wonderstruck every time how boundlessly nature has gifted these terrains with beauty and resources. Mile after mile of never ending virgin greens, clean air full of oxygen, mineral-rich waters of mountain streams, wildflower carpet and strawberry shrubs—suddenly it is inexhaustible life all around! Then at a closer look, the junk-ridden underbelly of paradise reveals itself—plastic bags, throwaway water bottles, medical waste, sanitary napkins, layer of oil—floating on the water, stuck in the earth, or glistening among leaves on the forest floor. Read More...

How to prepare for a high altitude trek in the Himalayas?

Trek The Himalayas

himalaya_checklist_box Treks in the Himalayas vary from easy to difficult to strenuous and beyond. One needs to understand the difficulty level and be ready to ensure that you enjoy every moment at the trek. Here are a few things to keep in mind. BEFORE THE TREK: 1. Fitness: Though it is important to be fit all the time, treks demand a little extra. It is highly recommended to follow a well-defined fitness regime at least 3 months prior to the trek. Here’s your simple guide: Read More...

Acute Mountain Sickness

Rakesh Pant

tth.png Some Fact about High Altitude sickness Generally Trekkers comes for high altitude Himalayan treks and they are not aware about altitude sickness. Trek the Himalayas has collected some information and our experience to share about altitude sickness to help Himalayan trekkers. Read More...

Say No to Alcohol While Trekking

Siddharth Soni

TTH (2).jpg One of the best things to keep your body warm while trekking is brandy or rum. The above phrase might look apt but a real fact is that its a myth. I am an experienced trekker and apart from trekking and mountaineering expedition I create awareness about what Read More...

Bagini Glacier and Changbang Base Camp Trek

Trek The Himalayas

bagini-glacier-changbang-base-camp-trek-uttarakhand-himalayas-5.jpg Boy! Wanna hike to adventure to taste your own taste? Well its time that I must suggest you something and put an end to this unquenchable thirst of yours. Trek to Bagini Glacier is just what you are searching for. Read More...

Facing Emergencies at high altitude treks

Rakesh Pant

pin-parvati-pass-trek-the-himalayas-6.jpg Trekking at high altitudes in the Himalayas is a rewarding and an unforgettable experience. However, it is important to keep your safety in mind, just like we do. Weather conditions, altitude gain, fitness and other factors can make or mar your experience. Read More...

In the Soul of Himalayas

Tushar Malik

bagini-glacier-trek-himalayas.jpg The summer of 2013, a journey I would never forget in seven lifetimes. Yes, it sounds clichéd but that’s what love is; a beautiful Clichéd All my life I knew only one thing that whatever I do in future, I should always dedicate a very special portion of my life to adventure and sports. Whether be it biking, para ... Read More...

Hidden Valley Bagini Glacier Trek

Trek The Himalayas

bagini-glacier-changbang-base-camp-trek-uttarakhand-himalayas.jpg At this sort of time every year I find my thoughts turning to the mountains for no particular reason. And today I wanted to share about a particular favourite of mine. There are a few places that are claimed to be most beautiful, or pleasing in some way- for me nothing quite matches up to the Bagini Glacier... Read More...

Etiquettes in the Himalayas

Trek The Himalayas

trekking-india-himalayas.jpg The majestic Himalayas are a formidable barrier that protect the northern boundaries of our nation and prevent the cold dry winds of Central Asia from blowing across the plains of India. They perform innumerable functions and give people innumerable opportunities to trek and climb. Read More...

Glacier trek to Bagini in Garhwal Himalaya Joshimath

Trek The Himalayas

bagini-glacier-uttarakhand-himalayas.jpg As a mechanical engineer by profession, my life circles around every kind of machinery. In the day and at night, I could only hear the crushing sounds of machines, so in order to save my senses and cleanse my body and mind; I frequently go on a trekking expedition every year... Read More...

Why Trekking With Professional Company

Sebastin B Francis

trek-the-himalayas.jpg There are number of reasons to select a professional company for trekking in the Himalayas. I have done a few treks in the Himalayas with different companies and very well realized the importance of selecting a professional company... Read More...

Learn all that they don’t teach you at top management schools at bagini glacier trek: Himalayan treks, trekking in himalays


bagini-glacier-trek-himalayas.jpg Bagini Glacier: A Quick Summary: Located in Garhwal region of Uttrakhand, an amazing place to choose from trekking in Himalayas. At an altitude of 14816 ft. it will let you have the appealing views of snow clad mountains of Kalanka, Changbang, Dronagiri... Read More...