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Nag Tibba Trek

 4,200 + (Service Tax 5.00 %)

Region : Uttarakhand
Duration : 2 Days
Grade : Easy
Approx : 16 Km.
Altitude : 9,910 Ft.

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Binsar Trek

 3,800 + (Service Tax 5.00 %)

Region : Uttarakhand
Duration : 2 Days
Grade : Easy
Approx : 22 Km.
Altitude : 8,000 Ft.

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What makes Dayara Bugyal the ideal winter wonderland


Witnessing a snowfall in the mountains is on every trekker’s checklist. A trek that looks marvellous both in the winter season, as well as the summer season, is an added bonus. One such trek is Dayara Bugyal. Huge snow-covered meadows, forests trails which boast of Oak Read More

Things you should make a note of before choosing a trekking company


How important is it to choose a good trekking agency? What are the points that you should consider before booking with a particular trekking company? One of the most common mistakes which our fellow trekkers commit is that they only compare the trek cost which different agencies have to offer. Read More

Green Trail – Trek The Himalayas


What is the Green Trail initiative? How is it managed? What is the outcome of having it? Slowly but in an effective way, things will start adding up by giving you an outline of the bigger picture. Since this is the fourth consecutive year of the Green Trails Initiative programme, we would like to give you a small insight of what happened last year on the winter trek routes. Read More

HAR KI DUN TREK 13may – 19may 2018
Posted On: 06/Jul/2018
By: Aakanksha Pitliya


Always being an adventure seeking person, trekking the Himalayas has been a part of my bucket list since 3 years. I was just scared to do it all alone. Therefore, I started planning for the trek with 2 of my cousins, both of whom cancelled it last moment. Read More

My First Himalayan Trek — Hampta Pass Trek
Posted On: 06/Jul/2018
By: Pooja Shah


Finally we met our trek leader Mr. Sanjeev Thakur and Mr. Mahendar (who were our trek guide) and came along with us in the car to arrive at our trek starting point – Jobra. The trek guides informed us the following things : Read More

Reminiscence of Pangarchulla trek
Posted On: 01/Jun/2018
By: Vijay Bhaskar


When you are done with your concrete surroundings, blowing of horns, and exhausted to your deeps as well, what else could be a better option than opting for a trek in the great Himalayas. And when you are born and lived your childhood in the foothills Himalayas nothing else could be better option for soothing your mind and soul as well. Read More

Posted By: Vivek Ayyar

The rugged mountain scenario of Spiti valley has attracted me more than ever to this different side of the Himalayas. Last winter, Trek the Himalayas invited me to join their recce team to Kanamo Peak cimb and I was overjoyed. The trek gave me a whole fill of breathtaking cold desert vistas, bare mountains, patchwork of green and yellow lining the villages Kaza and Kibber, precarious walk on boulder moraine and more such specialties. Having done serious climbs like Stok Kangri with TTH before, I was confident that this trek would be a high for me. Added to this was the constant guidance of recce team leader and founder of TTH, mountaineer Sandeep Rawat.

Posted By: Rishabh Jain

It has been a treat to be a part of TTH’s exploratory trek tem member. When Rakesh and Sandeep started recce in the Kanamo Peak trail I was excited to tag along as a chief explorer. The mountainous terrain of Spiti is a whole different call from what I have seen of the Himalayas mostly in Uttarakhand and Himachal so far. Besides a good test of stamina, the trek includes elements of cultural tourism at Kibber’s Key monastery and an important lesson in high-altitude acclimatization. I found the acclimatization break at Kibber on Day 3 an especially judicious one as compared to other companies that offer 2-3 days of rest stoppage, thus unnecessarily stretching the trek for no real advantage.

Posted By: Soniya Malik

It was Sandeep Sir’s confidence and technical expertise that we could do the summit. He is an excellent motivator and if he is around, one feels and motivated. It was undoubtedly an experience I won’t forget my entire life. It was all about moving out of your comfort zone and experiences the adventure and thrill at its best.

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