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Nag Tibba Trek

 1,350 + (Service Tax 5.00 %)

Region : Uttarakhand
Duration : 2 Days
Grade : Easy
Approx : 16 Km.
Altitude : 9,910 Ft.

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Binsar Trek

 4,000 + (Service Tax 5.00 %)

Region : Uttarakhand
Duration : 2 Days
Grade : Easy
Approx : 22 Km.
Altitude : 8,000 Ft.

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Kareri Lake Trek

 5,500 + (Service Tax 5.00 %)

Region : Himachal Pradesh
Duration : 3 Days
Grade : Easy To Moderate
Approx : 26 Km.
Altitude : 9,650 Ft.

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Deoban Trek

 3,600 + (Service Tax 5.00 %)

Region : Uttarakhand
Duration : 2 Days
Grade : Easy To Moderate
Approx : 20 Km.
Altitude : 9,850 Ft.

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COVID & Other Updates


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Why choose Trek The Himalayas (TTH) for the best trekking experience?

Why choose-Trek-The-Himalayas-(TTH)-,for-the-best-trekking-experience-(4)

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Why the new shorter version of Rupin Pass is not worth it?


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The Snow Mountain Story …
Posted On: 04/May/2021
By: Abhishek Kateliya

The Snow Mountain Story.jpg

“We always talk about the views from top of mountains but I’d rather talk about the journey to the top” Read More

One Place At A Time! (My Sunrise experience at Mt. Sandakphu)
Posted On: 25/Apr/2021
By: Amit Chavan


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Kuari Pass Trek
Posted On: 15/Apr/2021
By: Govind Zawar


We might have seen Himalaya in movies, on tourist places, in our comfort zone ! But its not limited to that, it does have a wild angle Read More

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