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Stories Of Win a Trek Contest

The Snow Mountain Story …

Posted By: Abhishek Kateliya, on 04-May-2021

The Snow Mountain Story.jpg “We always talk about the views from top of mountains but I’d rather talk about the journey to the t Read More

One Place At A Time! (My Sunrise experience at Mt. Sandakphu)

Posted By: Amit Chavan, on 25-Apr-2021

Sandakphu-Trek.jpg I am sure you may have seen pictures of the ‘Sleeping Buddha’. But let me tell you that one is not p Read More

Kuari Pass Trek

Posted By: Govind Zawar, on 15-Apr-2021

Winter-Kuari-pass-trek-1.jpg We might have seen Himalaya in movies, on tourist places, in our comfort zone ! But its not limited Read More

Metro to Mountains- Kedarkantha

Posted By: CA Nileema D Shenoy, on 16-Feb-2021

Kedarkantha-Peak.jpg The next day, we started for Sankri, a beautiful remote village with about 120 families in the foot Read More

Kedarkantha: A dream trek

Posted By: Siddhant jain, on 02-Feb-2021

kedarkantha.jpg It began getting very cold and windy as we were climbing. The summit seemingly near was still far aw Read More

Brahmatal , The Himalayan Trek

Posted By: Shreekara Udupa, on 27-Jan-2021

brahmatal-trek.jpg Always remember : Nothing is certain during a pandemic. Plans change, strangers become family, memor Read More

My Experience with Kedarkantha and TTH (Dec13 – Dec18, 2020)

Posted By: Vijayakumar, on 01-Jan-2021

Kedarkantha-Trek-(7).jpg The trek leader asked us “it is warm here right?”. He was comparing the climate with the one in Keda Read More

Pangarchulla Peak Trek – One of Uttrakhand’s Best Treks

Posted By: Ashita Agrawal, on 10-Dec-2020

Pangarchulla-Peak-Trek-One-of-Uttrakhands-Best-Treks-12.jpg All I wanted was to escape to any secluded place, but summers and this sweaty hot weather left me wi Read More

“Life is better in Hiking Boots!!!”

Posted By: Ranjani B S, on 04-Dec-2020

Ranjani-Surashastry-59.jpg In any case, I needed to and I mean to. Needed to take a break from my standard life and needed to e Read More

Kedarkantha Trek: I summited the mountain- Literally and metaphorically!

Posted By: Shreya Gautam, on 21-Oct-2020

Kedarkantha-trek.jpg We started our summit climb for Kedarkantha at 3am as a group. But as we climbed higher…the slope go Read More

A Tale of Har Ki Doon Trek

Posted By: Drashti Andani, on 08-Jul-2020

har-ki-doon-trek.jpg The memories which I earned from my first trek are unforgettable & keeps reminding me of snowy hills Read More


Posted By: Nidhi Singh, on 02-Jul-2020

roopkund.jpg This trek has everything from forests to unending meadows to hails to stormy winds to rain to snowfa Read More

Kedarkantha Trek

Posted By: Aditi Verma, on 02-Jul-2020

kedarkantha.jpg I wanted my first anniversary to be memorable celebration. I started searching for more destinations Read More

Spectacular Sandakphu

Posted By: Rajas Mehta, on 04-Feb-2020

Spectacular-Sandakphu.jpg Waking up at 3 am is really a tough task, especially when you have slept late to wish a good friend Read More

The Storm Unsettled

Posted By: Garima Vardhan, on 04-Feb-2020

Brahmatal-Trek.jpg They say ‘the higher you climb, the deeper you look within’. People climb mountains to conquer th Read More

Chopta Chandrashila trek: An adventure to cherish, and reminisce in times to come

Posted By: Sandeepan Mondal, on 08-Jan-2020

Sandeepan-Mondal-4.jpg “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the ad Read More

The Buran Ghati Trails

Posted By: Sandeep Venkatachalam, on 27-Nov-2019

buran-ghati-trek.jpg There was one major difference between this and the other Himalayan treks I had been to. Usually one Read More

Climb. Breathe. Pause. Repeat. Dayara Bugyal Trek

Posted By: Subhadra Roy Patil, on 15-Nov-2019

dayara-bugyal-trek.jpg I would sometimes find him resting on a rock or a fallen tree. “I was waiting for you, Mamma”, he wo Read More

Rupin Pass – Second time lucky

Posted By: Sjuata Apte, on 21-Oct-2019

Rupin-Pass.jpg Why Rupin Pass, which is at an altitude of 15,250 feet above sea level? The answer to this is nothi Read More

A glimpse of heaven – Valley of Flowers Trek

Posted By: Abhilashaa, on 03-Sep-2019

valley-of-flowers-10.jpg The mountains have a charm that it’s foolish to not let them do their magic on you. They say – trekk Read More

The Hills Are Alive!

Posted By: Satyendra Hombali, on 03-Sep-2019

valley-of-flowers-11.jpg I want to go, I said to my wife. Then go, she said........... So – the mountains called and I went. Read More

Trekking In The Heavenly Abode Of Lord “Shiva”

Posted By: Anshuman Roy, on 14-Aug-2019

Amarnath-Holy-Cave.jpg It was way back in the year 1997, when I first heard about “Amarnath Yatra” from my maternal uncle, Read More

TAPOVAN… A Paradise where GODS reside

Posted By: Aditi Sharma, on 03-Aug-2019

gaumukh-Tapovan.jpg he trek has its own set of hardships at a height of 4,463 meters, which includes a river crossing to Read More

Stok – We will be back

Posted By: Chaitrali, on 23-Jul-2019

stok-kangri-trek-4-1.jpg From the time we had enrolled for this there was always a conversation taking place between my brain Read More

Buran Ghati.. um, what’s that?

Posted By: Archi Chakraborty, on 23-Jul-2019

image035.jpg Buran Ghati.. um, what’s that? This was the exact response which I got from my boss when I asked Read More

Kashmir Great Lakes – A journey through Heaven!!!

Posted By: Ankit Negi, on 08-Jul-2019

Kashmir-Great-Lakes-Blog-Ankit-Negi-9.jpg We had KGL on our mind for some time after seeing few pictures of the godly lakes on Internet! It wa Read More

How I Met Koushik and Vardhan

Posted By: Srushti Mali, on 08-Jul-2019

0b330d7c-b371-4672-8432-a48109c12772.jpg Trekking has always been an activity I have enjoyed to the core. After having trekked extensively in Read More

Our first Himalayan trek: Surmounting Har Ki Doon

Posted By: Sindhu Bijjal, on 08-Jul-2019

Har-ki-dun-trek-sindhu-bijjal-13.jpg Holding the hands of my husband and standing in front of fresh summer snow filled Panoramic Mountain Read More

4th May to 14th May 2019 – Goechala Trek – Group of 18 person

Posted By: Ashok jha, on 08-Jul-2019

Goechala-trek-Ashok-jha-1.jpg Cyclone Fani had devastated our trek plan. Many flights got cancelled. Trains were also cancelled an Read More

Kashmir Great Lakes – A journey through Heaven!!!

Posted By: Written By Ankit Negi, on 08-Jul-2019

Kashmir-Great-Lakes-Blog-Ankit-Negi-9.jpg We had KGL on our mind for some time after seeing few pictures of the godly lakes on Internet! It wa Read More

How I Met Koushik and Vardhan

Posted By: Srushti Mali, on 08-Jul-2019

b9b026e7-08ed-4a1b-a53a-4ab420d53cfe.jpg Trekking has always been an activity I have enjoyed to the core. After having trekked extensively in Read More

Our first Himalayan trek: Surmounting Har Ki Doon

Posted By: Sindhu Bijjal, on 08-Jul-2019

Har-ki-dun-trek-sindhu-bijjal-13.jpg Holding the hands of my husband and standing in front of fresh summer snow filled Panoramic Mountain Read More

4th May to 14th May 2019 – Goechala Trek – Group of 18 person

Posted By: Ashok jha, on 08-Jul-2019

Goechala-trek-Ashok-jha-1.jpg Cyclone Fani had devastated our trek plan. Many flights got cancelled. Trains were also cancelled an Read More


Posted By: Ketan Patoliya, on 08-Apr-2019

Sandakphu.jpg I decided to start hiking the Himalayan Mountains. After searching for few treks in Himalayan range, Read More

Kaleidoscopic Kedarkantha

Posted By: Surya Raju Book This Trek, on 03-Apr-2019

kedarkantha.jpg Kedarkantha is in Uttarakhand and is part of the mighty Himalayas. Uttarakhand as a state is just so Read More

How it feels to celebrate your birthday at Chadar

Posted By: Shweta Patted, on 03-Apr-2019

Chadar-Trek.jpg When I woke up in the morning, I just shook the tent , to check if it had snowed. Zzzrrrrrrrrr – the Read More

My First Himalyan sojourn…a dream come true!

Posted By: Poonam G, on 03-Apr-2019

Bhrigu-lake.jpg I am so thrilled to write about my first ever experience in the Himalayas. It has been one of my dre Read More

How to measure Chadar trek (and perhaps some bit of life)?

Posted By: Nikita Dresswala, on 03-Apr-2019

Chadar.jpg I’ll measure it by the walks on ice, the foot stomping on snow, the hike up those occasional mountai Read More


Posted By: CAROLINE DSILVA, on 03-Apr-2019

chopta.jpg The mountain speaks its own language and we’ve got to give in to its methods to learn about life & f Read More

Markha Valley Trek

Posted By: Nutan Shinde --TTH Official Content Writer, on 22-Nov-2018

markha-valley-trek.jpg Right from the first Chilling, every local will showcase hospitality you might have experienced, now Read More

Lady Leopard of the Himalayas: Stok Kangri

Posted By: Naveen Hinduja, on 29-Oct-2018

stok-kangri-expedition-trek-himalayas--(7).jpg In the darkness of the night at 1:30 a.m. struggling to stand on the 8-inch man-made steep path on 1 Read More

RupinPass : A trek to remember

Posted By: Ashish Gusain, on 22-Oct-2018

rupin-pass-trek--(11).jpg Rupin pass is an amazing trek having forest trail, bugyal, rocky trail, snow trail and climb. This i Read More


Posted By: Rajesh V R, on 13-Oct-2018

HAMPTAPASS-trek-9.jpg If you would like to experience monsoon at its best, Hampta pass trek in Himalayas is the best place Read More


Posted By: Dheeraj Pandey, on 10-Oct-2018

trek-the-himalayas.jpg If I describe Munsiari in my words than it would be -Rajma, Panchachuli Peaks, keeda jadi and Khaliy Read More

Roopkund – where the mystery unfolds!!

Posted By: Ankit Negi, on 24-Sep-2018

roopkund-trek.jpg Roopkund has been on my mind since long… even before the days when i had started trekking in Sahyadr Read More

Swachh Bharat and Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Posted By: Man Lakshminarayanan, on 17-Sep-2018

KGL-Man-Lakshminarayanan-2018-1.jpg To some of us who have only seen or enjoyed Kashmir scenes through the eyes of Shammi Kapoor and Sha Read More

A Journey to the Incredible Twin Lakes

Posted By: Venkitesh Ramachandran, on 24-Aug-2018

tarsar-marsar-trek.jpg Yet again to Kashmir but this time a solo trekking trip to the famous twin lakes Tarsar and Marsar. Read More

Valley of Flowers

Posted By: Sabarish, on 24-Aug-2018

valley-of-flowers-trek.jpg Being a passionate traveller for the past 3 years, trekking in Himalayas is one of the most importan Read More

HAR KI DUN TREK 13may – 19may 2018

Posted By: Aakanksha Pitliya, on 06-Jul-2018

har-ki-doon-1.jpg Always being an adventure seeking person, trekking the Himalayas has been a part of my bucket list s Read More

My First Himalayan Trek — Hampta Pass Trek

Posted By: Pooja Shah, on 06-Jul-2018

hampta-pass-trek.jpg Finally we met our trek leader Mr. Sanjeev Thakur and Mr. Mahendar (who were our trek guide) and cam Read More

Treasures of the Orient: Goechala

Posted By: Parag, on 02-Jun-2018

goechala-trek-the-himalayas-17.jpg Our trek began from the nice and quiet hill station of Yuksum. Yuksum is the farthest town that can Read More

Reminiscence of Pangarchulla trek

Posted By: Vijay Bhaskar, on 01-Jun-2018

pangarchulla-peak-trek-the-himalayas-5.jpg When you are done with your concrete surroundings, blowing of horns, and exhausted to your deeps as Read More

In search of the Mystery Lake- Rookund

Posted By: Niranjan R, on 31-May-2018

roopkund-trek-the-himalayas.jpg “We never climb the same mountain twice!” After my last trek to the Kuari Pass in Uttrakhand, I deci Read More

Roopkund: Stairway to heaven

Posted By: Aman Bafna, on 22-May-2018

roopkund=trek-himalayas.jpg Having always wanted to do a Himalayan trek but never quite gathering the resolve, this time I was d Read More

Pangarchulla Peak

Posted By: Piyush, on 21-May-2018

pangarchulla-peak-trek-.jpg It was 4th day of the trek and we ( the whole group) had to climb the summit. We left the campsite a Read More

Pangarchulla Peak Trek

Posted By: Ashok Kumar jha, on 15-May-2018

pangarchulla-peak-trek.jpg First of all I would like to thank my school friends because of whom I choose my first trek -Pangarc Read More

Chadar Trek with Trek The Himalayas

Posted By: Mayur Kanade, on 15-May-2018

Chadar-trek.jpg On the last day of Rupin Pass trek we had decided that our next would be Chadar and from June 2017 w Read More


Posted By: Nidhi Deshmukh, on 14-Feb-2018

kedarkantha-trek.jpg Have you ever dreamt of stealing away to The Himalayas and trekking the long , mystical trails above Read More

Kedarkantha Trek experience with Trek The Himalayas (TTH)

Posted By: ., on 20-Jan-2018

kedarkantha trek The experience of my first Himalayan Trek, i.e. Kedarkantha Trek started with the experience of my F Read More

WINTER KUARI PASS (WKP) TREK 16th December- 21st December 2017

Posted By: Nitin Kumar, on 17-Jan-2018

winter-kuari-pass-trek-5.jpg Once a trekker, trekker for a lifetime Those who have trekked earlier especially in the Himalayas Read More

Travelogue with TTH to Kedarkantha

Posted By: Sandeep Gangoli, on 11-Jan-2018

kedarknatha winter trek The entire trek was one unique learning opportunity. And I was privileged to meet and network with s Read More

The Dzukuo Misadventure

Posted By: Raunaq Shah, on 26-Oct-2017

dzukou-valley-trek.jpg We are four friends. Nitesh, Vivek, Aritra and me, Raunaq. The four musketeers! We had waited for th Read More

Why to go somewhere else, when our India is so beautiful…

Posted By: Rajesh V R, on 10-Oct-2017

RUPIN-PASS-1.jpg Life Time experience… 8 days… rivers, forests, villages, waterfalls, mountains, greenery, snow fall Read More

Confessions of a Stok summitieer!!!

Posted By: Purva Sainani, on 01-Oct-2017

stok-trek-the-himalayas.jpg There I was cribbing about the hot and humid March afternoon we were trying to slave through (althou Read More

“Last Crucial Hour Before The Summit: Mt. StokKangri”

Posted By: Rohan Rajiv Modak, on 13-Sep-2017

stok-kangri-expedition.jpg Stok Kangri (6,153 metres (20,187 ft)) is the highest mountain in the Stok Range of the Himalayas in Read More

Kashmir through my eyes

Posted By: PRIYANK JOSHI, on 28-Aug-2017

KGL-trek.jpg Our journey began with our flight to Srinagar from Mumbai on 5th August and to our surprise flight g Read More

Rupin Pass Trek

Posted By: Sanjay Kumar, on 28-Jul-2017

Rupin-Pass-trek.jpg What is a trek? If you see the dictionary it will tell you that trek is to go on a long and often di Read More

Our First Himalayan Trek: RUPIN PASS

Posted By: Nitika Sharma, on 14-Jul-2017

rupin-pass.jpg Trekking in Himalayas had been on my bucket list for quite some time. Dream came to reality when my Read More

Roopkund Trek

Posted By: Shivi Mishra, on 07-Jul-2017

roopkund-trek.jpg What is your best moment in the trek? Why do you come to mountains? What did you take from the mou Read More

My first ever Himalayan trek- Pangarchulla Peak Trek

Posted By: Ajinkya Sanjiv Gadgil, on 27-May-2017

Pangarchulla-Peak-trek-5.jpg A short attempt to write about my first experience with the mighty himalayan mountains. As every har Read More

Knowing Pangarchulla from a Distance: Visions from Another Trail

Posted By: Ahana Chaudhuri, on 06-Apr-2017

pangarchulla.jpg The Lord Curzon stretch around Kuari Pass was still reeling from the unlikely vigorous snow of mid-M Read More

Pin Parvati Pass and Chandra Tal trek

Posted By: Subhra Kanti Das, on 08-Mar-2017

pin-parvati-pass-trek-11.jpg As the Pangarchulla trek in May ended up making me crave more for a more intensive trek, I started l Read More

Kuari Conquered: A Lyrical Chronicle!

Posted By: Bhoomi Mamtora, on 16-Feb-2017

Kuari-pass-trek.jpg Far away, over the misty mountains cold, We embarked on our journey enroute winding roads. Up the Read More

Hampta Pass Trek

Posted By: Shakti Prasad Raturi, on 12-Feb-2017

hampta-pass-trek-19-1024x682.jpg And got the chance to seek the answer again but not alone.This time with my best half.It was my seco Read More

My dream trek to Stok Kangri

Posted By: Nagavardhan, on 11-Feb-2017

stock-kangri-tth-1024x576.jpg I am a 39-year-old IT Professional with BMI around 22. I did only one easy trek (Har Ki Dun) before Read More

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Posted By: Nikhil, on 11-Feb-2017

kashmir-great-lake-trek-1-1024x1024.jpg The Ardor for mountains pulled me to the pinnacle of the Himalayas, to explore beauty and serenity, Read More


Posted By: Gurbhagwan Singh Brar, on 27-Jan-2017

shrikhand-mahadev.jpg The whole experience is like an access to stairway to heaven. It is a magical moment as one reaches Read More


Posted By: Akshay Behl, on 24-Jan-2017

MYSTRIES OF KEDARKANTHA Traveling to unknown places excites most of us, and moreover, gives us a sense of independence. I do Read More


Posted By: Gourav Sharma, on 19-Jan-2017

winter-kuari-pass-trek-4.jpg Some 5 years back I and a close friend of mine were planning a road trip to Ladakh. But as luck woul Read More


Posted By: Rohan Modak, on 14-Jan-2017

joshimath-to-chitrakanta.jpg They weren’t kidding when they said “Trekking is an addiction”. This was my second Himalayan trek th Read More

The Prayag-Confluence of Mind, Body and Soul!

Posted By: Niranjan.R, on 06-Jan-2017

winter-kuari-pass-trek-9.jpg “The wind whispers the message of the mountains; to be understood only by the chasers of clouds and Read More

????????? ?? ???????

Posted By: Priyanka Gupta, on 05-Jan-2017

chopta.jpg ??? ?? ????? ????? ????? ??, ???? ?? ??? ???? ?? ??? ??? ?? ???? ?????, ???? ?? ?? ??? ?????? ??? Read More

Like a Mountain on My Back: Roopkund Trek

Posted By: Shashank Raj, on 01-Jan-2017

roopkund-trek-himalayas-8.jpg After an year-long of waiting and planning, it seemed to be happening at last, the Roopkund Trek. Ne Read More

Roopkund Lake Trek

Posted By: Rahul Tambe, on 01-Jan-2017

roopkund-trek2.jpg I want do something bigger and for that there is no better option than Himalaya. Now question is whi Read More

My calling for Kuari Pass in Winter

Posted By: RISHABH GOEL, on 01-Dec-2016

winter-kuari-pass-trek-(1).jpg I had been wanting to go for a trek for quite some time. And another thing I wanted to do was to tra Read More

“MY FIRST TREK OF LIFE- HKD- Meri Kahaani, meri jubaani”

Posted By: Nitin Kumar, on 21-Nov-2016

harkidoon-trek1.jpg In today’s busy and hectic life, we rarely get time for ourselves except in weekends and that too ju Read More

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Posted By: Hrishikesh Baruah, on 14-Nov-2016

kashmir-great-lakes-trek-50.jpg Work was killing me. So much so that I would go at 8am and return by 11pm. Wasn’t even enrolling for Read More


Posted By: Gautham Ramakrishnan, on 12-Nov-2016

chadar-tth.jpg Though everyone plans and increase the wishes in the bucket list, I badly wanted pull out at least o Read More

Tryst with Hampta Pass

Posted By: Prateek S Wate, on 08-Nov-2016

hampta-pass-trek.jpg The climb was getting steeper, my pulse racing faster than a speeding train, the sun scorching hot a Read More

Chadar Trek – A Walk on the Frozen River ‘Zanskar’

Posted By: Vishal Jhanji, on 13-Sep-2016

Chadar-trek-win-a-story.jpg ‘Chadar’ (sheet) name is given to the frozen surface of the ‘Zanskar’ river which looks like a White Read More

The warmth of friendship … on the snow clad slopes…

Posted By: Samudra Sengupta, on 26-Aug-2016

kuari-pass-trek.jpg Kuari Pass Winter Trek, unlike all my other trips wasn’t a last moment, hurried plan. The call of th Read More

My First High Altitude Trek

Posted By: Seemab Zaheera, on 26-Aug-2016

rupin-pass-trek-1.jpg 5’4, 48kg, below BMI, very low tolerance for cold, can manage till 20C, very low tolerance for stran Read More

Winter Kuari pass: Snowfall or summit?

Posted By: Manasi Gholap Karanjikar, on 21-Jul-2016

winter-kuari-pass-story Any Himalayan trek can never satisfy you. Once you go, you want to go again and again, every year. A Read More

“Emotional Trek with my Son to Leh on Chadar Lake”

Posted By: Amar Nayak, on 15-Jul-2016

Chadar-trek-leh It was back? July 2015…Son Samar told me of his plans to undertake a trek on Chadar Trek in leh….. Read More

Roopkund Trek – The Memories of a Life Time…

Posted By: Ankit Agarwal, on 14-Jul-2016

roopkund-trekking-in-india Trekking had been in my bucket list since quite some time but I was always too lazy to go for one. T Read More

Dream comes true on heavenly journey – Chadar trek

Posted By: B B Kashyap, on 08-Jul-2016

chadar-trek-the-himalayas If you’re a fan of snow and chilly regions in general, there’s no place better than Chadar! See from Read More

Roopkund – A Mysterious Adventure

Posted By: Amit Deshpande, on 06-Jul-2016

view-of-ali-bugyal-and-camp Himalaya a word itself depicts its meaning, when heard generates altogether different vibes through Read More

RoopKund – A Quintessential Himalayan Trek

Posted By: kavadana anurag, on 28-Jun-2016

trek-story.jpg It is truly said that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. This journey was all about coming Read More

Valley Of Flowers – MESMERIZING MEMORIES My experience

Posted By: Tarun Srivastava, on 11-Dec-2015

Valley-of-flowers-1.jpg Arrival at haridwar: we were scheduled for pick up at haridwar at 7.30am and my train scheduled arri Read More

Rupin Pass- My Himalayan journey to Rupin Pass trek

Posted By: Arpita Mehra, on 11-Dec-2015

Rupin-Pass-Trek.jpg It is my last day of Rupin Pass Trek. I am at Sangla and my knees and toes are exhausted from the lo Read More

The 20000 Air _Stok Kangri Expedition_My Experience

Posted By: Anup Mahanta, on 06-Oct-2015

stok-kangri-trek-story-pic-9.jpg It was a thought that made me took decision for a summit re attempt, yes a re-attempt. Last year’s f Read More

Roopkund Trek:Oct 2014

Posted By: Shakti Prasad Raturi, on 12-Sep-2015

roopkund-trek-the-himalayas.jpg A small child of 8th standard around 11:30 PM was jammed alone in front of his black and white TV se Read More

Valley Of Flowers

Posted By: Arindam Paul, on 11-Sep-2015

valley-of-flowers-10.jpg Though my interest in botany has never been more than just elementary, but I have always had a prefe Read More

There is always a first time

Posted By: Avni Johri, on 09-Aug-2015

Hampta-Pass-Trek4.jpg From my childhood, I’ve been a person who would stay 10 steps away from any kind of suspected danger Read More

Roopkund : A Journey Within

Posted By: Anurag Prasad, on 11-Jun-2015

roopkund-trek-himalayas.jpg I always dream of mountains. There is something about their up there that calls to me, making me wan Read More

Winter Trek to Kuari Pass and Pangarchulla (Sky Watch New Year – Skies from Kuari Pass, UK)

Posted By: Shweta Shah, on 09-Mar-2015

kuari-pass13.jpg I always dream of mountains. There is something about their up there that calls to me, making me wan Read More

Tranquility and placidity at Kuari Pass

Posted By: Souvik Bose, on 06-Jan-2015

Tranquility-and-placidity-Kuari-Pass3.jpg With ever changing of Clouds, meadows, snows, stars (at night)…Life at mountains will always be chan Read More

Stok Kangri Expedition – Ladakh

Posted By: VISHAL JHANJI, on 12-Dec-2014

stok-kanagari-Leh.jpg Stok Kangri is the highest mountain in the Stok Range of the Himalayas in the Ladakh. The peak is lo Read More

The Roopkund Trek: High in the Mountains

Posted By: Kanika Khanna, on 08-Dec-2014

roopkund17.jpg “I’m really looking forward to this trek, I want to live in the mountains permanently!” I said, tire Read More

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek – Himalayan Experience of a First Timer

Posted By: Krishna Bhat, on 08-Dec-2014

kashmiri-18.jpg “I’m really looking forward to this trek, I want to live in the mountains permanently!” I said, tire Read More

Idyllic Kashmir Great Lake trek

Posted By: Nidhi Agarwal, on 27-Nov-2014

Idyllic-Kashmir-Great-Lake-trek.jpg It was that time of the year, when the mountains call and my heart starts throbbing, anxious to meet Read More

Roopkund Trek (18th May 2014)

Posted By: ANIRBAN DEB, on 11-Nov-2014

roopkund-trek.jpg “I had an inheritance from my father It was the moon & the sun I can move throughout the world now T Read More

A Journey Beyond Limits: My Trek To Roopkund

Posted By: Bhavya Singhvi, on 14-Oct-2014

roopkund-2.jpg One of my many beliefs is that fear wanes if you experience whatever causes that fear. Further, I ha Read More

My Himalayan trek experience with TTH- Har ki Dun Trek

Posted By: Puja Sarkar, on 01-Sep-2014

Picturesque-landscape-in-Har-Ki-Dun-9.jpg It was by far one of the most awesome experiences I ever had in my life. I’ll never regret my decisi Read More

An Enigma called Roopkund

Posted By: PRIYANKA SUD, on 21-Aug-2014

Bedni-Bugyal2.jpg The Himalayas have a reputation for putting the Human spirit to test. One moment you are exhilarated Read More

To Be A Nomad

Posted By: Prachi Savant, on 20-Aug-2014

roopkund-trek-the-himalayas.jpg I had never been to the mountains before, or even seen snow. People had told meof the allure of the Read More

Stok Adhura

Posted By: Rohan Mohite, on 20-Aug-2014

stok-kangri-trek.jpg Oh! What an expedition in the land which meets the sky. Itwas my first visit to Leh, a region mostly Read More

Bagini Glacier Trek

Posted By: Saikat Adak, on 08-Aug-2014

bagini-glacier-&-changbang-base-camp-trek-uttarakhand-himalayas-13.JPG It was in the month of April, that we embarked upon yet another journey to the mountains, in an atte Read More

Kuari Pass Trek———what the heck?

Posted By: Neha Mohta, on 28-Dec-2013

winter-kuari-pass-trek.jpg The only question that I have been hearing the past few days since my return from Rishikesh after ha Read More

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