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Winter Treks (December, January, February, March)


Winter Kuari pass Trek

 9,800 + (Service Tax 4.50 %)

Region : Uttarakhand
Duration : 6 Days
Grade : Easy To Moderate
Approx : 33 Km.
Altitude : 12,763 Ft.

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Kedar Kantha Trek

 9,800 + (Service Tax 4.50 %)

Region : Uttarakhand
Duration : 6 Days
Grade : Easy To Moderate
Approx : 20 Km.
Altitude : 12,500 Ft.

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Chopta Chandrashila Trek

 9,300 + (Service Tax 4.50 %)

Region : Uttarakhand
Duration : 6 Days
Grade : Easy
Approx : 30 Km.
Altitude : 13,100 Ft.

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Chadar Frozen River Trek

 22,500 + (Service Tax 4.50 %)

Region : Leh, Ladakh, J & K
Duration : 9 Days
Grade : Difficult
Approx : 75 Km.
Altitude : 11,123 Ft.

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Auli Snow Skiing

 13,500 + (Service Tax 4.50 %)

Region : Uttarakhand
Duration : 6 Days
Grade : Easy To Moderate
Approx : -1 Km.
Altitude : 11,000 Ft.

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Brahmatal Trek

 9,700 + (Service Tax 4.50 %)

Region : Uttarakhand
Duration : 6 Days
Grade : Easy To Moderate
Approx : 22 Km.
Altitude : 12,100 Ft.

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2017: A year of adventure

2017: A year of adventure

It would be great if people decided to make their years a little more adventurous. So, here we are, suggesting the best of adventures that you can plan for the whole year. Are you ready Read More



Well, it depends from person to person. Some people find this trek really tiring while others just take it to be a normal hike. It actually depends on your fitness level, your mental endurance and of course how comfortable you are with mountain life, be it walking, staying in tents, high altitudes, etc. To sum it up, I would like to put the difficulty level into five categories. Read More

6 must-follow mountain biking techniques for every rider


Bestride your bike. Take a deep breath. And pedal-on for Himalayan mountain biking. It certainly is great fun and thrill. But, it is important to know the basics of mountain bike riding to ensure safety and make the ride even more enjoyable. Mountain cycling experts at Trek The Himalayas count on these 6 prime riding techniques that every mountain biking enthusiast must follow: Read More

Posted On: 19/Jan/2017
By: Gourav Sharma


Some 5 years back I and a close friend of mine were planning a road trip to Ladakh. But as luck would have it, the trip didn’t mature. And in the frustration, that we were of not been able to make it work because of a friend’s “leave issues”. My friend said it out loud “yaar mere ek dost ne sahi kiya, chaar jano se poocha for Ladakh, company nai mili toh he went alone, had the best time of his life and came back with a bucket full of memories.” Eventually we did go to Ladakh a year later, but that’s a different story. Read More

Posted On: 14/Jan/2017
By: Rohan Modak


They weren’t kidding when they said “Trekking is an addiction”. This was my second Himalayan trek this year, the first being Roopkund, I summited Roopkund in June. 6 months and I was craving to re-live the experience. So I decided to summit Kuari pass in December after my engineering exams. Trekking and the little escape to nature at its most magical, purest self has been the best teacher I’ve ever had. Read More

Like a Mountain on My Back: Roopkund Trek
Posted On: 01/Jan/2017
By: Shashank Raj


After an year-long of waiting and planning, it seemed to be happening at last, the Roopkund Trek. Needless to say, Roopkund is nothing less than a roller coaster ride. The trail cuts across villages, dense forests and right to snow capped Mountain peaks. Read More

Posted By: Soniya Malik

It was Sandeep Sir’s confidence and technical expertise that we could do the summit. He is an excellent motivator and if he is around, one feels and motivated. It was undoubtedly an experience I won’t forget my entire life. It was all about moving out of your comfort zone and experiences the adventure and thrill at its best.

Posted By: Urvil Parmar

Harender was constantly motivating. The support he gave mentally to trekkers was excellent. Friendly face leading always seems positive. For my 1st trek it was awesome experience. The trek for me was perfect to experience everything which I desired. The food quality was excellent which really amazed me. Keep it up.

Posted By: Sahil Magdum

Mostly we travelled distance between Mahavir & it was fun. From a sunny day to snowfall, rainfall enjoyed every moment. Had a nice travelling group.

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